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May 05
Mme Sollows-Astle

F.I.Social Studies (SCHUM)

Moved test to Thursday, May 18th - It will still be Day 4 due to Monday being a day without classes for students.
​Test: Day 4, Thursday, May 18th
Study the table with the information about the 3 main faith of the Middle East.
The test with be short: 10-15 questions
It will be a combination of Matching, True/False  and/or Multiple Choice.
We will review more on Tuesday. I am encouraging students to study each night about 10 minutes.
April 26
Gr. 7 Student Work Website

​Please go to the following link to access student work by homeroom: http://gsmsgrade7.weebly.com/​​

April 25
Mme Sollows-Astle

F.I.Social Studies: 6F,6G, 6H


Test: Monday, May 1st, Day 4. It is on the Middle East map and the sheet of notes with terms and situations.  They only have 3 or 4 sheets for this term.  (All other notes were to be removed from the notebook/binder with any notes from the research projects turned into me.) 

The test of the map will have a list of countries and capitals - matching.
They will also be asked to locate a few countries correctly on the map.
The section on terms and situations will be very much like the handout they are studying.
Testing will be a regular part of this term and so when missing time students really need to get in to catch up during Options when they get back. Still plenty of time to get any missing items. Classmates are a good resource too.
We have been using the following link with interactive games for learning countries and capitals of the world. It has many subject areas at different levels of difficulty.
Level: cm1 - Géographie - Le grand atlas - quiz


P.I.F. - 6I & 6J

Presenting of the the Robot Projects this week.

Introducint Unit on the Environment.

Spring vocabulary.

Reading and Writing activities and evaluations coming home over the next 2 weeks.

April 19
Gr. 7 Student Work Website

Based on feedback we have heard throughout the year and with next year students not receiving an agenda like was given this year, we have begun tracking Gr. 7 homework/assignments/due dates for all the homerooms that will be updated daily through a central website. 

Each class has its own page, so make sure to use the menu (3 horizontal bars) in the top left corner of any page and select your homeroom when you'd like to check in on homework/due dates. Information is based on what is on our phyical information board in class each day and students are responsible for keeping it up to date, but this site can be an additional tool to help keep track of work from home for those who are absent or miss writing information down while at school. 

Below is the link. The righthand side, undernearth the "External Teacher Pages" section, is the link as well for access.​


April 19
Mme Sollows-Astle

6F, 6G, 6H F.I. Social Studies

Study map of the Middle East (Moyen-Orient)

Study notes (handout today)

News items for a few:

6H tomorrow: Chloe, Alex C, Angel, Ryan & Emily

6F Friday: Bailey, Kennedy, Lauren & Emily

6G Friday: Dax, Lila, Izzy, Katie V & Melissa


6I & 6J - P.I.F. P.I.F.

Finishing up the Robot Project and onto Spring.

Reading Comprehension evaluation this week

Writing development exercises.


March 14
Mme S-A (Sollows-Astle)
6F, 6G, 6H F.I. Social Studies
Students are working on their projects.ir:
The first due date is this Friday for the title page for the big project. Samples shown in class and students are encouraged to do this one on the computer. They can bring in a memory stick to print here if need be.
Japan: We have been doing all of this in class, but I am sending some things home today due to projected storm tomorrow.  Completion expected for this Friday. Will re-evaluate on Thursday. Many are very close. Some who have missed time may need to do more at home or during lunch options.
Please refer to the sheet with the dealines if you are unsure of the dates.
They are staggered so that they can do it in small units.  Students find this is less overwhelming.
​6J P.I.F.
Robot project is on-going.​



February 17
Mme Sollows-Astle (S-A)

6F, 6G, 6H F.I. Social Studies

Project information went home. We are beginning projects next week. Students may choose between:  Heritage Fair OR International Project (not Japan, not Canada)

We will as mucn of the work in class as we can.

​given is to give them goals to work to and I will do mini lessons for each as we proceed.

So, for the title page, I will demonstrate how to and give examples, have them do a plan and then they can complete it for homework.

On Monday they will begin research and I have sheets ready for them to guide the process of gathering information.

It will be done in stages and hopefully quite manageable.

​6J P.I.F.

Robot unit will begin on Monday.​

January 27
Mme S-A (Sollows-Astle)
General Information: Extra help at lunch has moved to Day 5. That will be Wednesday of next week. Students who may need time to catch up on class projects are asked to come in then to do so. At this point I am advising students who are behind to drop in while I have a club running on Monday at lunch to pick up their work and go to the Peer Helper room to finish it. (6F, 6G, 6H)
I hope to be doing chinese watercolour paintings with each class next week to celebrate the the of the Rooster. They will be on display in the classroom for the month of February and then sent home at the end of the month.
SCHUM (6F, 6G, 6H)
les Actualités (News):
Day 1 & FRIDAY, next week selected students will be presenting news items from around the world.
This is a warm-up with about 4 or 5 students who will give a very brief news item. The must:
1) Speak in French only (all vocabulary they need to express the news must be research beforehand Speak in French only (all vocabulary they need to express the news must be research beforehand
2) Identify the topic, the country and the continent of the news item
3) State 4 or 5 details about the news items
4) Identify the element (s)of culture in which it belongs (technology, beliefs and values, expressions of culture, history, economy, government) - may be more than one
5) The students will show the country of origin on the world map as part of the presentation.
*It must be a significant news item, but can be given in a brief fromat.
I suggest a cue card with key words would be enough to present the news. They will be marked on these little presentations, but they are not big projects, just 1-2 minutes in length is fine.
Class projects: Map, Japan and Interview are coming to an end. We are trying to finish them up and move on. M. Tanaka will be with our classes until the end of January and then he will move on to other classes. The students havelearned a great deal about Japan and are completing a little project about this beautiful counntry with its many cultural treasures.
P.I.F. (6I & 6J)
Finishing class projects and then doing the snowman activity next week we hope!  I will be teaching them a "How to build a snowman" craft with procedural directions in French and then we will have hot chocolate and a treat to eat.

January 19
M. Boudreau  January 19th 2017

​Français:  Students need to work on the draft copy of their speech and complete it for next Thursday Jan 26.  We will be working on it in class and the draft needs to be written on loose leaf.

January 16
Language Arts

Students are beginning a Booktalk​ assignment. These will be worked on at school as well as at home. The due dates are:

6F - Tuesday, January 24

6G - Tuesday, January 24

6H - Tuesday, January 24

6I  Thursday, January 26

6J - Wednesday, January 25 

I have attached the assignment to guide you. Booktalk 2017.docxBooktalk 2017.docx

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