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June 09
Mme Sollows-Astle (S-A)
HR: Green Hill Lake is June 14th. Please refer to the letter for the list of items that would be helpful to have in addition to a lunch . We are there for most of the day and students may get wet while paddling, definitely will, if they are swimming and so a towel and dry shorts would be very helpful.
Some may want to take a break to read under a tree or just day dream. There are so many activities that they will be very busy, so snacks and lunch are important. There is a tuck shop with the usual treats for those who bring a bit of money, but there are no lunch items available to purchase.
F.I. Social Studies Project:
I sent passports home with those students who felt they could not finish it up on our last day with the iPads on Monday.
6F had reduced time with the iPads and so I am only requiring 4 of the countries be completed and then Antarctica. I will take a look to see if there are any who need more time and therefore will have to bring them home again Monday.  They need them back in class on Monday and Tuesday so they can be reviewed by me.
Lunch and Options will also be available on Monday to work on this project.
6G & 6H:
Most students have almost finished the passport project. I sent it home with those who have not completed enough to get it all done by Monday's class. Please check with your student.
If your student was absent Friday and did not get the passport to take home, they may take it Monday after class.

NEWS ITEMS​ - a number of students from each class need to do their last item.  They have know for weeks and quite a few keep forgetting it at home. Please remind your child to bring it in to present.


PIF: Interviews and Environment Poster project.  These are all being done now and near completion. There will be one more reading evaluation before the end of the year.

May 22
Mme Sollows-Astle

HR: Green Hill Lake permission slip and letter.  Please detach the letter and send back only the permission slip. The letter has important information you will need for the trip.

SCHUM 6F, 6G & 6H:

Students are working on a passport project: They are traveling around the world and recording information about one country on each continent.  It is all being done in class. They may bring in information from home, but they do not need to do so. They are using atlases, and reference materials in class and will have use on iPads tomorrow and a day next week at well.


Environment unit: Water study due Thursday, May 24th


May 10
Mme Brittain - Thursday, May 11th

6F Homeroom:

  • Tomorrow is SPARK day!

6F & 6H Maths - Below is a bonus fractions assignment.

Boni - Test de fractions.pdfBoni - Test de fractions.pdf

6G Maths - Your survey, with results and diagrams, are due tomorrow. I've attached another copy of the diagram handout below.


May 07
Mme Sollows-Astle (Mme S-A)

6F, 6G & 6H: Test THURSDAY, DAY 5 on: fonctions du gouvernement, structure du gouvernement canadien, s​tructure du gouvernement de la Chine. There are a few key words as well and we have discussed rules and laws; why they exist, etc.


6I & 6J: Working on spring themes and getting ready to start a unit on recycling.



April 26
M. Boudreau April 26th

Français 6F & 6H-  Students have picked or should have picked a topic for their editorial.  They need to research their topic at home to find facts to support their position.  We will work on the draft tomorrow and next week.

Sciences 6F & 6G-  Test tomorrow on The diversity of life

Français 6G- Study words from "fleur" to "homme" for quiz #8 Monday

April 26
Mme Brittain - Thursday, April 26th

​6F & 6H Maths - Your assignment Mon appartement is due tomorrow. Assignment linked below. Your next test will be Thursday, May 3rd. Please review the practice test that we completed and corrected in class. I have attached an electronic copy if you would like to complete it again. I've also included a bonus assignment on equivalent ratios.

Mon appartement: Mon appartement 2014.pdfMon appartement 2014.pdf

Practice Test: Fractions Practice Test 2014.pdfFractions Practice Test 2014.pdf

Bonus Assignment: Les rapports equivalents - la recette.pdfLes rapports equivalents - la recette.pdf 

6F Sciences - Your planets assignment (M. Planètes) is due Monday.

April 18
Mme S-A (Sollows-Astle)

HR - 6H:
Homework​ Folders - Please continue to sign these once/week
Agendas - Individual responsibility - No  signature needed for remainder of the the year
Twitti Book donations for this week allow students to earn points for our Spring Carnival. No reference books or magazines please. Also, make sure all are in good condition.
6F, 6G, 6H:
Great work on Heritage Fair Projects.  
Currently working on 2 articles. Some are doing one on the Dreamers and the others are working on an article about how Canada did at the olympics.
Test: 6GApril 24th: matching, T/V, multiple choice and one question for a reaction to the content - (1-3 sentences)
Test: 6F & 6HApril 26th: matching, T/V, multiple choice and one question for a reaction to the content-short paragraph (3-5 sentences)
6I & 6J:
We are working on spring and speaking in French in class at all times.
March 29
Mme Brittain - Thursday, March 29th

​6F Homeroom:

Tuesday is a collection day for our Magazine campaign. You can bring in any funds that you have raised so far!
6G Maths - The worksheet that we started earlier this week (mulitiplying and dividing decimals) is due Tuesday.

Worksheet Travail en classe - Mult et div des nombres decimaux.pdfTravail en classe - Mult et div des nombres decimaux.pdf

March 24
Mme S-A (Sollows-Astle) Sciences Humaines & P.I.F.

HR - 6H:

Homework​ Folders - Please continue to sign these once/week

Agendas - Individual responsibility - No  signature needed for remainder of the the year

6F, 6G, 6H:

Heritage Fair Project presentations finishing up Monday.

Some have News Articles to do (second one) - We have been focusing on the project and let this slide.

6I & 6J:

Students are almost finished with their Robot Projects.

Reading Comprehension evaluation will go home in Green folders.

We are now focusing on Spring vocabulary and activities. 

March 21
M. Boudreau  Français  Speech 6F & 6H

​Students need to pass in their plan, draft and good copy Friday.  Students who haven't presented yet need to have all their material for the day they are presenting.

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