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March 21
M. Boudreau  Français  Speech 6F & 6H

​Students need to pass in their plan, draft and good copy Friday.  Students who haven't presented yet need to have all their material for the day they are presenting.

March 20
Mme Brittain - Tuesday, March 20th

6F Homeroom:

  • Please have your tracking sheet signed for Thursday

6F & 6H Math: If your multiplication and division worksheet is still outstanding, please have it in by the end of the week. Your math test is next Monday. Please review your practice test and see me if you have any questions or would like some extra practice.

Homework sheet:Travail en classe - Mult et div des nombres decimaux.pdfTravail en classe - Mult et div des nombres decimaux.pdf

Practice Test: Practice Test 2014.pdfPractice Test 2014.pdf

March 12
Mme S-A

Welcome back!

6H HR - MEGA Journal - Keep writing examples of your own observations.

6F, 6G & 6H - SC.HUM

Presentations begin this week. Students have written down their due dates. Storms will simply push the presentations one day later. We have lots of time to deal with storms.

Heritage Fair - School Fair is on April 11th in the morning with the showcase of the projects in the evening at our Open House here at GSMS. They will be on display in the library, hall of main building (second floor) and in the student lounge (former borad room).

Hopefully, they have their posters or tri-folds about ready.  We have been viewing presentations on youtube and then critiquing them. They are practicing with their index cards. I suggested they set up their stuffed animals on their beds and imagine they are classmates and practice what they are going to say, where their hands will be, how their voices will sound and what expressions they will have on their faces.

Please find attached the project outlines for 6G and 6F&6H. They are a bit different and so be sure to consult the one that goes with your requirements.

student HERITAGE FAIR PROJECT 2018_6Gfr.docxstudent HERITAGE FAIR PROJECT 2018_6Gfr.docx

student HERITAGE FAIR PROJECT 2018fr.docxstudent HERITAGE FAIR PROJECT 2018fr.docx

6I & 6J PIF

Robot project presentations will be started this week.

We will likely do a reading comprehension on a robot story next week.

We are also discussing spring. Yay!



February 27
Mme Brittain - Tuesday, February 27th

​6F Homeroom:

  • Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day!
  • We are going downtown this Thursday.
  • We Collect Change end on Thursday.

6F & 6H Math - Well done on you boutiques! I really enjoyed watching you selling your goods this morning!

6I Social Studies - Your continent map is due tomorrow.

February 14
Mme Brittain - Wednesday, February 14th

​6F Homeroom:

  • You have phys ed tomorrow.
  • We Collect Change will run until March 1st. Thank you to everyone that has already contributed!

6F & 6H Maths - Our marché (market) will be next week, Wednesday the 21st. Please have your catalogues ready to show your classmates!
6F Sciences - If you haven't yet finished up your science article on the woolly mammoth, it is due Friday.

February 09
Mme Sollows-Astle (S-A)

6H - HR

Permission Slip  & $1 for swimming at UNB (February 13th), due Monday​ (February 12th)

Pink Shirt Day - February 28th

6F, 6G, 6H F.I.Soc.St. (SCHUM)

Test: February 14th (Religious symbols & comparison of 5 children and how they practice their faiths)

February 16th - Title Page due for project

6G ONLY - Students received good copy sheets for details and ressources. They may type it up, but it must be in the same format. They are to make their own notes based on the extended interviews (grandparent/elderly person) for this project and then choose the top 10 to put on the good copy in French (after having translated and corrected all the information).  So only 10 sentences.

All class are working on projects for class and/or school level presentations. They all have their presentation dates for after March Break. They should be in their agendas. They may check with me to verify their dates and request any change they may need to make due to appointments, etc.

Les cinqs enfants.docxLes cinqs enfants.docx

Students are working on Robot projects and we are discussing the Olympics over the nex couple of weeks





February 01
Mme Brittain - Thursday, February 1st

6F Homeroom:

  • Tomorrow is SPARK day! Please bring in your fees and equipement.

6G Maths - You have a quiz next Tuesday (February 6th). Please reviewed the corrected practice quiz we did in class. I've attached an electronic version below.

Practice Quiz 2014.pdfPractice Quiz 2014.pdf

January 31
M. Boudreau  Français  Speech

​Students are working on their speech.  This assignment will take most of February to complete. Here is an approximate timeline that we will follow:

Jan22-31: Find topic, research and plan

Feb 1st- 14th  Rough copy to be written and edited in class

Feb15-Feb 19 Write good copy at home or in the library.  Make cue cards.

Feb 19- 22 Practice speech and prepare visual presentation if necessary.

Feb 23 or 26- Begin presenting speeches.

I have included a copy of their reference document just in case.Discours d'art oratoire document de référence.docxDiscours d'art oratoire document de référence.docx

January 25
Mme Brittain - Thursday, January 25th


  • Tomorrow is SPARK day!
  • Your sheet In the New Year... for MEGA is due tomorrow.

6F Sciences - If you did not already hand in your microscope report, it is due Tuesday.

6G Math - Your adding and subtracting decimals worksheet is due Monday.​

January 12
Mme S-A (Sollows-Astle)
6H Homeroom:
Please take gym clothes home for washing every Friday.
Please do homework and then get agenda signed each night. 
Test: LUNDI - Prince puissant
We finished an article on Saudi Arabia. We will have a quiz on Monday. It is multiple choice and true or false. Students had a chance to study and discuss during class time and we did some questions on it as well.
New items start again next week.  There is a great deal of news.  Students are asked to look around for news items for a different country and continent than their last one. 
 Extra help available: Day 3 at Options
6I & 6J :
Students are presenting their projects and working on communicating orally about winter. They are also reading about winter.  There will be testing in the next few weeks.
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