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January 08
Happy New Year



Welcome KRS families to a new year!  We are very excited for new adventures and opportunities to growth and learn together as a school community.


Our theme for January is gratitude.  Through morning announcements, visual displays, recognitions and monthly assemblies we are working with our students to recognize and appreciate the importance of gratitude.  You can help at home by sharing stories and acknowledging times of gratitude.


As part of our new year we will be planning a Winter Individual Interests (WII) for February.  This will be an opportunity for students from grades K-8 to choose an activity that may be of interest to them and work with students of all ages.  This will be a 4 week program that will take place the same day each week.  Interests may include art, music, writing, sports, crafts, Indigenous cultural experiences……the list is soon to come.


Our K-8 daily recess clubs will resume next week giving students the opportunity to select different activities.  We will also have some fun activities planned for our Winter Carnival week which is the week of February 25th.  As always, a lot going on and we love it!


Our middle level is accepting donations of broken or unwanted electronics for a middle level building club.


Middle level students will be participating in an ArtSmart project in January. Artist and teacher, Marc Landry, will be teaching students about the writing and art design of graphic novels, and how to tell stories through graphic art.  Students will have an opportunity to create their own graphic novel storyboard.  


Parents who wish to have their child registered in a French Immersion Program are asked to complete the electronic registration form (located on the ASD-W web site: www.asd-w.nbed.nb.ca) (available January 15, 2019). The registration site will remain open for all registrations beyond February 28, 2019.


Be sure to like our Keswick Ridge School Facebook page to follow updates and celebrations.  You can also check our website at    https://secure1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-W/KeswickRidge/Pages/default.aspx





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