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December 14

The snow has caused many obstacles for morning drop off and procedures have become somewhat un-safe.  Every morning the buses arrive at 7:35 for the 7:40 drop off.  This takes approximately 5 minutes (at the most) and then the buses are gone.  It is expected that cars will then drive through the drop off zone directly in front of the school, one at a time.  I realize many people are in a hurry however this is the safest way for children to arrive.  At current, our pull over lane and walkway from the main road (McKeen Drive) is not plowed which means it is not safe to park and or drop off the younger students there.  Please be patient and pull in by the front entrance.  Parents & guardians are asked to move through as quickly as possible, do not leave cars parked or unattended in the drop off zone to come into the school, and do NOT pass or go around cars that are in the drop off zone. If you wish to park and come in, please park at the furthest parking lot past the large garbage bins.  For parents dropping off students to catch the buses heading into town, I do understand this is more difficult.  If you must drop off by McKeen, plus be mindfull of students and other cars when pulling over and back out again.  It is preferrable that you simply use the larger parkinglot.


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