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March 13
No School Tuesday, March 27th

Don't forget that Tuesday, March 27th there is NO SCHOOL for students.  This is a full Professional Learning Day for Teachers.​

January 30
KRS Facebook

Be sure to "Like" and "Follow" our new Keswick Ridge School Facebook Page for daily notices and updates.​

January 25
Pink Shirt Day February 28th

Check out our $5 T-shirts in the Latest School Documents catagory to order your child a pink shirt. Order forms were also sent home.  Pink Shirt Day is a day to take a stand against bullying.  Orders and money are due Monday, January 29th.​

January 25
Whooping Cough

Please see the document under Latest School Documents in regards to whooping cough.​

January 22
Bake Sale January 24th & January 25th

Our grade 5 students are hosting a bake sale this Wednesday, January 24th and Thursday, January 25th.  All funds raised will go towards the grade 5 Year end field trip to Snider Mountain for a French Immersion experience.  The times will be 9:30-9:40 & 11:30-11:45.  Items will be betwee $1 and $3.​

Thank you for your support.

December 14

The snow has caused many obstacles for morning drop off and procedures have become somewhat un-safe.  Every morning the buses arrive at 7:35 for the 7:40 drop off.  This takes approximately 5 minutes (at the most) and then the buses are gone.  It is expected that cars will then drive through the drop off zone directly in front of the school, one at a time.  I realize many people are in a hurry however this is the safest way for children to arrive.  At current, our pull over lane and walkway from the main road (McKeen Drive) is not plowed which means it is not safe to park and or drop off the younger students there.  Please be patient and pull in by the front entrance.  Parents & guardians are asked to move through as quickly as possible, do not leave cars parked or unattended in the drop off zone to come into the school, and do NOT pass or go around cars that are in the drop off zone. If you wish to park and come in, please park at the furthest parking lot past the large garbage bins.  For parents dropping off students to catch the buses heading into town, I do understand this is more difficult.  If you must drop off by McKeen, plus be mindfull of students and other cars when pulling over and back out again.  It is preferrable that you simply use the larger parkinglot.
December 12
Cold Weather

​Please dress your children extra warm during the winter months.

As per policy ASD-W-550-2

School personnel should monitor students for frostbite and adjust the recess time outside according to the weather in their area.  Generally, temperatures below -20ºC (Wind Chill) would warrant staying inside.
December 11
Christmas Concert

Don't forget to come see our Christmas concert on Tuesday, December 12th!  There are 2 showings, one at 10:00 and one at 12:30.  If there is a snowday and school happens to be cancelled tomorrow the 12th, the concert will be rescheduled for the same times on Thursday, December 13th.​

November 30
Christmas Family Fundraiser

KRS is supporting local families at Christmas. For the week of December 4th-8th, students can bring in donations and wear something special.  Our goal is $500. 

​Monday, 4th: Hat Day

​Tuesday, 5th: Christmas Clothing ((hat, sweater, antlers, etc..)

Wednesday, 6th: Superhero Day

Thursday, 7th: Team Jersey Day

Friday, 8th: PJ and slipper Day

November 20
Hot Lunch Information

If you ordered your child hot lunch or milk on a day that there is no school, you will receive a credit for that day from Resto. This includes PD days, holidays and storm days. You will receive a credit slip in your child's communication bag informing you of your credit.
It is your responsibility to use the credit.  This can be done by writing in the comments section of your ordering slip “credit for ________” and filling the blank with the day you would like to apply it to on your next order.  Teachers will have credit information should parents have questions.
Monthly and Weekly Ordering Options
Monthly ordering for those who would prefer will begin this week. If you would still like to order weekly, we ask that you cut your slips, and send back to the school every Wednesday. We hope this new ordering system will benefit all.
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