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January 12
Entrepreneurial Adventures

​The KRS Middle School will be participating in Entrepreneurial Adventures in Social Studies this year, which involves learning how to run a business. We will be working with community business partners, the school district and The Learning Partnership (http://www.thelearningpartnership.ca/) to guide our students in the process which is lengthy but so rewarding. 

Community business partners are those who are familiar with running a busness and who are willing to volunteer some time to work with our students on all the stages of business planning, development and production. Thes partners are critical in mentoring the students regarding aspects to consider and/or avoid and their input usually spurs the students on, keeping the momentum going. The students really enjoy doing this type of project that allows them to see real world application of their knowledge. In May we will be having a KRS Market where students will be able to sell their product or service. 

All money raised will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

We are excited about this project and look forward to your support in this endeavour.

December 18
Gr. 2 Enrichment Group

I posted photos of several activities from our in-depth investigation of corn. ​

December 18
September-October and November-December LITERACY Groups

I posted photos of the students doing a variety of activities.

November 18

​We are starting a unit on mythology this week with a focus on Greek, Roman and Norse mythology. The students will be learning about how these cultures used these stories to try to make sense of their world. 

November 08
Leaders in Music for November

Icons in Rock

​For the month of November we will be learning about three fanatastic rock bands who have all withstood the test of time. Two of the bands are Canadian and one American. The three groups are:


Heart 1.jpg
Although originally from the United States, Heart had it's original success in Canada. Their fame grew and spread through the states in the 70s and 80s and they have developed a signature sound with "galloping guitar riffs" and powerful vocals. Centered around sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, Heart is still currently active and creating music. Check out "Barracuda" from the 1970s and ​"Red Velvet Car" for a sense of how diverse their music can be.   



Rush 2.jpg

Rush was formed in the suburbs of Toronto during the early 1970s and consists of three members: Geddy Lee, bass, vocals, keyboards, bass pedals; Alex Lifeson, guitars, pedals, keyboards, backing vocals; Neil Peart, drums, percussion and electronic percussion (Peart is also the main lyricist of the group). Rush has developed a tremendous following through their thought-provoking lyrics and incredible musicianship. They just commemorated their 40th anniversary tour through the United States, Canada, South and Central America. 

​The Tragically Hip

hip 1.jpg
The Tragically Hip hail from Kingston, Ontario and formed as a band in 1984. They have developed a very familiar sound that has gathered followers on both sides of the border, although their music can be diversified and varied. Gord Downie, lead singer and lyricist has penned a great variety of songs, often reflecting on themes of Canada's culture and geography. "The Hip", as they are often called, just concluded their farewell tour across Canada following the announcement that Gord Downie has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The final show was broadcast across the country on CBC. 


November 01
Welcome to Mlle MacLeod's Grade 5 Class

​Parents please check the Class Dojo site to see:

  • ​What we are working on in Mlle MacLeod's Grade 5 class
  • Student behaviour reports
  • Pictures/information about upcoming or past events/field trips
  • Information about fundraisers for Snider Mountain
  • Student-led conferences
Feel free to send a message using Class Dojo if you ever have any comments, questions, or concerns.

October 20
unit 2 notes
October 07
New Leader of Music for October

​Xavier Rudd

An advocate of aboriginal rights and environmental awareness Xavier Rudd has become an international folk sensation. He thrills audiences around the world with talents on many instruments including guitars (lap slide, accoustic, electric), didgeridoos, percussion and harmonica. His lyrics touch on many social themes such as spirituality, care for the earth, land rights and empowerment to the aboriginal peoples of Australia. His music is rich in texture, melody and rhythm. XR.jpg

Xavier Rudd was born in Torquay, Victoria, Australia on May 29th, 1978 (38 years old). He enjoys the outdoors, surfing, and living a traditional aboriginal lifestyle. 


September 30
Our First STEAM Challenge - Grade 4 Math

​Today students in grade 4 completed their first STEAM challenge. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students were put in small groups and given the following challenge.

Build the tallest free standing tower using a bag of 15 balloons and a roll of masking tape.

Students had 5 minutes to brain storm their ideas and 10 minutes to execute their plan. After they reflected on how things went and then had the opportunity to make adjustments.

Boy, did we have fun. Students were engaged, excited and competitive. Student learned the importance of communicating, co-operating and how having a good foundation is important when building.

Look for our next challenge on the last Friday in October.

September 27
Leaders in Music Videos

​Hi Everyone,

I've set up a new page which will feature videos related to our Leaders in Music. Please feel free to share with your families and discuss the music, the musicians and artistry of the videos. 

Please click here​

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