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July 18
Student Fee
40.00 (Maximum $ 65.00 per LHHS family)
The student government fee provides for a student handbook, a picture ID card, many of our school events put on by our students and the rental of a lock for the school locker.  The card provides required school identification, access to school buses and allows students to participate at a reduced cost in many student government sponsored events throughout the year. The revenue is used to support all student activities and clubs at LHHS.
We encourage all families to use online payment for all school fees, sports, course fees, etc.
You can send an e-transfer to duska.slipp@nbed.nb.ca our Budget & Accounting person and or our new to the school this year, School Cash Net Kev online payments. This option will offer payment with Visa and or Master Card.   More information in regards to this will be sent home with each student. 
Graduation signifies a great achievement. It is an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and reflect on personal growth. As you receive your diploma on graduation day, know that you have arrived at this moment with the support of your friends, family, and the entire Leo Hayes High School community!
Your relationships and experiences in high school have shaped who you are and what you believe. Celebrate your accomplishments and be humble of the lessons you have learned. Your graduation will be an exciting time of year
Graduates fee is $120.00 that will be designated specifically to the graduation ceremony and related events. Students will be reimbursed $20.00 after they have returned their gowns post-ceremony.

June 26
Summer Hours and Registration

Summer Office Hours

The school will be closed Friday, June 30  until Monday , July 10h, 2017  with no admin assistants available during this time frame.
Monday, July 10  - Monday, August 28th, 2017 office hours shall be 8:00 AM -3:00 PM
Please note that our front doors are opened via a buzzer system. Please ring the buzzer. Call 457-6898 or 444-3067 if no answer right away.
Should both of our administrative assistants be on vacation, this will be posted on the school website and noted in our answering message at 457-6898.
Transcripts and Letters of Attendance requests can be made by emailing Kathie.clark@nbed.nb.ca or Kimberly.hepditch@nbed.nb.ca.  You may call 444-3067 and leave your name, phone number, graduation year. There is a $3.00 fee to send a transcript for a post-grad.
Please allow two days for processing. Pick up and ordering can be done at the guidance office at LHHS.
Registration and Course Changes
New Student Registration:     Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017           9:00AM-4:00PM
Students new to Leo Hayes High School for the 2017-18 school year should come to the school with birth certificate and report cards from the previous year. A student course selection guide for grades 11 and 12 can be found on the website under “Quick Links” and then under “Guidance.”
Guidance Counsellors will not be making appointments prior to school starting on Tuesday, September 5th. Course changes will only be processed for required course changes due to a change in a post-secondary path and required admission courses.
Students will receive their schedules in homeroom on the first day of classes.
Brad Sturgeon, Principal                                             Nancy Stairs, SPR Guidance
June 12
Summer School Registration

Summer School will again be held at Bliss Carmen Middle School. Registration forms can be printed from the "Latest Documents" section on the homepage of our website or picked up at guidance. The registration form must be signed by a counsellor at LHHS. The fee must be paid for at FHS no later than June 23rd.

For more information, see the documents attached to the website.​

June 08
LHHS Student Procedures and Rules for Exams & Conferences June 2017
It is the responsibility of students to follow procedures and observe the rules for
completing exams and conferences.
Students are responsible for knowing the correct time, date and location of exams and conference.
All school rules apply during exam week and respectful conduct is expected.
Thank you for your cooperation and best wishes on your exams and conference.
LHHS Exams & Conferences 2017
Dates and Times of Exams –
          Monday, June 12              Period 1  8:45am to 10:45am   Period 2 - 1 to 3 pm
Tuesday, June 13           Period 3  8:45am to 10:45am
Wednesday, June 14       Period 4  8:45am to 10:45am
Thursday, June 15           Period 5  8:45am to 10:45am
Friday, June 16                No exam – marking day  
·       8:25 a.m. Students will proceed to their exam room to return textbooks and receive instructions for exams.
·       8:35 a.m. Announcements will be made daily from the main office.
·       Students may not leave morning exams until 10:15 a.m. (A bell will ring!)
·       There is no provision for students who come on the wrong day to write an exam.
During the exam:
Exams are an assessment of student individual performance in a subject. The expectations of students during an exam include:
            Follow all instructions of the supervising teacher.
            Keep your eyes on your own paper. Do not look around the room.
            No electronic information devices allowed.
            All cell phones & electronic devices are to be turned off and not accessible to students.
Keep your writing area clear of all materials except for materials indicated
by your supervising teacher.
            Protect your paper from view of other students.
The consequences for cheating on an exam will be a zero on the exam.
After Your Exams:
Students are to go quickly and quietly to the cafeteria lower floor or home.
Bus Departure:  Monday 3:30pm, Tuesday 11:30 am, Wednesday 1 pm, Thursday 11:30 am. Please be outside promptly to catch your bus, there will only be one run of each bus.   
Students are asked to get everything they need from their lockers BEFORE EXAM WEEK. Students are not permitted to go to their lockers between 10:15 am and 11:00 am. This helps to maintain a quiet environment for those finishing exams. English Conference students entering the building for their English conference are not permitted to go to their lockers from 8:45 am to 11:00 am and Monday from 1 pm to 3:15 pm.
Textbooks & School Property
It is the student’s responsibility to return school property to their teachers including: textbooks, library books, and calculators, etc. before the exam begins. If a student has lost a textbook or library book they are to pay the replacement cost to the subject teacher or library.
Absences during exams
Exams are to be written in all courses as scheduled. Alternate arrangements occur only at the discretion of an administrator. A medical certificate will be required. Please Note: Notification of any absence must occur before the writing of the examination - Please call (457-6898) if leaving a message please include the student’s first and last name.
Lion’s Pride Form: Available at the Main Office & students submit form to Main Office by June 15, 2017.
Cafeteria Service
Cafeteria Service Monday only 8:00 to 8:30 & 10:30 am to 12:30p.m
Feed the Lions: Breakfast -Monday to Thursday & Lunch – Monday only
Monday June 19 at 8:30 am
Grade 12 return for report cards & Busses will depart at 10 am
Tuesday June 20 at 8:30 am
Grade 9, 10 and 11 return for report cards & Busses will depart at 10 am
Summer School registration at Guidance – Deadline is June 23, 2017
Student Timetables for 2017-2018 will be available on first day of school in September 2017

May 18

                             International Student Program

            Every year international students come to Fredericton determined to improve their English, keen to make friends, interested in what our community has to offer, and
ready to share their own stories and cultures. Currently, we are looking for homes for grade 6-12 girls and boys
         Canada Homestay Network, invites you to open your heart and home, to one of these students and make a friend for life.
We provide:
·      cultural orientation and ongoing support
·      access to a counsellor 24/7 in case of emergency
·      a generous monthly stipend to offset expenses ($700)
·      6 week - 10 month hosting opportunities
·      a student matched to your interests grade 6-12
·      students from Columbia,Brazil,Mexico,Spain,Turkey,Germany,
and China
                 To learn more about hosting, please contact:
                    Pam Harvey  at  506-999-2809
                     email :   pharvey@canadahomestaynetwork.ca
                        apply on line at:   www.canadahomestaynetwork.ca

                                  Canada Homestay International
                                        Serving Canada from Coast to Coast  1994-2017
                      Bringing International Students and Canadian Host Families Together
April 05
Online Auction

PLease see below the link for our Safe Grad online auction.  Please join us in supporting our grad class initiative.


April 05
PSSC FEbruary Minutes

​Leo Hayes High School

Parent School Support Committee



                                                Date:  February 6th, 2017                                               Time:  6:30pm

Leo Hayes High School Dreamcatcher Room


PSSC Members Present:                                                                               School/DEC Representation Present:

                                                                                                                                Jane Buckley

Kim LeBlanc, Chair                                                                                           Brad Sturgeon, Principal

Makenna O’Dell, Student Rep                                                                   

Michelle Dougherty                                                                                       

Shelley Morell                                                                                                  

Lynn McMinniman

Katie Baird

Andreas Decken

Claudia Bryenton

George Long

Christine Violette


PSSC Members Regrets:

Joannie Herron, Teacher Rep

Kathy Palmer


Call to Order:

Kim called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.


Approval of the Minutes from November 7th, 2016

It was moved by Decken and seconded by Violette that the minutes of the November 7th, 2016 meeting be approved as presented.  Motion Carried.


Approval of the Minutes from January 9th, 2017

It was moved by Baird and seconded by Bryenton that the minutes of the January 9th, 2017 meeting be approved as presented.  Motion Carried.



Business Arising from the Minutes

There was no business arising from the minutes.


New Business


FHS Mental Health Event

FHS PSSC is exploring organizing a mental health event in the Spring.  Looking to gauge interest from LHHS.  Katie, Christine and Shelley have agreed to attend a brainstorming session at a future date.


Tech Wing Follow-Up

As no mention was made of the tech wing in the Capital Budget, despite it being the number one capital budget priority submitted by the DEC, the committee decided to forward a letter to Minister Kenney seeking clarification on the government’s position with regards to this project.


Principal’s Report (handout)

  • Community Kitchen – will be on site by April

  • School Review – Internal Committee meeting Feb. 27-28th

  • SIP – Committee to review goal #2 for next month

  • Double exam day on Friday, Jan. 27th due to weather.  Teachers able to submit marks by Tuesday with report cards going home on Wednesday.

  • All grade 9 students wrote the ELPA during their scheduled English classes.

  • All students will attend “Jabber” at the playhouse in February.

  • Concern regarding live video streaming capabilities on social media apps addressed with students and talk mail went home.  This is prohibited due to privacy considerations.

  • Cell phone storage during class time – looking for feedback

  • Pathways to Personalized Learning – EECD initiative.  Committee reviewed handout.

  • Truth and Reconciliation implications – Curriculum review to include First Nations history.  To become part of regular Social Studies Curriculum for grades 9-12.



    There was no correspondence this month.


    Closing Comments


  • A sustainability study is going to be conducted on Kingsclear Consolidated School. 

  •  Committee is in their first of a four year term

  • Immersion and Budget decisions are being reviewed by the committee.


    Student Rep

  • Safe Grad will be hosting a Casino night fundraiser in March. 

  •  $2000 was raised at the recent breakfast held at Willie O’Ree. 


    Next Meeting Date:  March 13th, 2017 @ 6:30pm.



    The meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.  Superintendent David McTimoney will be attending next month’s meeting.



March 30
French for the Future/Le Français pour l’avenir Registration

fff2.jpgClick on the image to the left or link below to register for the ​French for the Future/Le Français pour l’avenir forum that's taking place Tuesday, April 25th.

March 27
GRADE 11 Students Interested in NBCC

​A reminder to all Grade ELEVEN students that NBCC begins accepting applications for programs commencing in September 2018 this Saturday, April 1st. You cannot apply before Saturday, but after Saturday, admissions are opena nd are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please request Kathie in guidance send your transcript in two -three days in advance. Apply on-line, play on-line and send your transcript. nbcc.ca

March 14
Course Selection for 2017-18
An important message about course selection for the 2017-18 school year:
 Students have now received presentations from their homeroom teachers and guidance counsellors regarding making course selections to meet their individual interests and abilities for next year. Each student also received a copy of the course selection guide. The presentations and a digital copy of the guide are available on the school website.
Students are to pass in their completed course selection sheet to their homeroom teachers this Friday. Their choices will be input in power school during extended homerooms next week.
It is imperative that students take this process seriously and carefully consider their choices as changing their mind come next fall is often not a possibility.
Counsellors are meeting with individual students this week as well, but students are encouraged to complete their selections at this point and they are able to ask questions to the counsellor on duty at lunch time all week this week and next.
A reminder that courses requiring an application must be applied for by the end of March.
Thank you!

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