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Professional Learning Supports Student Success


Anglophone School Districts in New Brunswick are making improvements to professional learning. 

In the Anglophone West School District calendar, there are five partial days for professional learning during the 2017-18 school year.  This model aligns with best practice and ensures consistency with all school districts in the province. There is early dismissal from school for students on these days to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers.  Students will attend school in the morning as usual.

The overall amount of professional learning time in the school calendar remains the same; however, one full day of professional learning for teachers will move outside instructional time to September 1, 2017. What has changed is the format and quality of the professional learning.  

"Professional learning for teachers creates better student learning and is the key component to improving teacher practice," said Superintendent David McTimoney. "We are looking forward to these improvements in the upcoming school year.  As teachers learn and grow, so do their students.​"



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