Interim Superintendent named for Anglophone West School District

Article Posted: Friday, July 14, 2017

The District Education Council (DEC) has named an interim superintendent for Anglophone West School District (ASD-W). 

Effective July 17, Catherine Blaney will replace David McTimoney​ who is taking a leave from the position. Blaney’s term will go until December 1, 2017. 

“On behalf of the DEC, I am pleased to announce Catherine Blaney as interim superintendent,” said chair Kimberley Douglass. “The council is very pleased to welcome Catherine to this new position and looks forward to working with her during this period of transition.”        


Naming an interim superintendent is in accordance with DEC Policy ASD-W EL1 – Emergency Superintendent Succession.  This allows for the start of the school year to continue without disruption and for the DEC to have an opportunity to secure an acting superintendent through a public, province-wide competition process. The competition will open near the end of August.

Blaney began her teaching career in 1990 in the isolated community of Moosonee, Ontario.  For more than six years, she taught elementary grade levels while in this location.  Upon return to New Brunswick, Blaney held a variety of teaching positions in the Oromocto area, including resource teacher, guidance teacher and literacy mentor.  In January 2009, Blaney became principal of Gagetown School, where she remained for two-and-a-half years.  Blaney was the Learning Specialist for Students Services for the former School District 17, in 2011-12. She became Director of Education Support Services (ESS) for the newly amalgamated Anglophone West School District in July 2012.  She has served in this capacity since that time.

Blaney graduated with a BA and BEd from St. Thomas University and a MEd from UNB.  She is a certified Level 1 Violent Threat Risk Assessment trainer and has formal training in conflict resolution and mediation. Blaney holds a New Brunswick Principal’s Certificate.
In her term as Director of ESS, Blaney has been instrumental in leading the movement towards the implementation of the Integrated Services Delivery model, which is set to begin in ASD-W in September 2017.  She has also provided significant leadership in crisis response, mental health and culture change in line with the ASD-W Core Values. 
Blaney also serves on the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority.  Very well respected among her colleagues, Blaney contributes provincially to a variety of ESS initiatives.​