Learn how to keep your kids safe on the internet and social media

Article Posted: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The internet and technology have become an integral part of our lives. It is imperative that we become digital role models for our children as we teach them to exercise safe and responsible decision making in their use of smartphones and social media.

On October 25, between 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., Anglophone West School District is hosting an informative presentation for parents about issues facing our children in the digital world. 
Parenting in a Digital World will feature guest speaker Sam Jingfors - a director from an organization called Safer Schools Together who provides training to school safety staff and law enforcement across North America as well as students and parents everywhere in-between. As a speaker, he presents on all things digital, with a strong interest in the privacy and safety challenges our kids face online.
“Your child is rapidly developing their personal identity with smartphone in hand,” said Jingfors. “You need to be prepared to help your child develop a strong digital citizenship foundation while reminding them that their digital footprint is a reflection of their real and online selves, to which, they need to be accountable for moving forward in their life.” 
In this presentation, Sam will outline how parents can make age-appropriate decisions to support, protect, and guide their children to understand the short and long-term implications of the choices that they make in their social media and online lives.
Topics covered will include:
·         Social Media – The latest and greatest (and the secret apps)
·         What you absolutely need to know regarding the current risks they face online
·         How to be the best digital role model, social media can be life-enhancing!
·         Recognizing and responding to cyberbullying and cyber harassment
·         Fake accounts, Meme accounts, Sexting & Sextortion, Catfishing and Snapchat
“Keeping up to date with children’s use of technology is challenging,” said Catherine Blaney, Interim Superintendent, Anglophone West School District. “Knowing how to keep your children safe online is important.  We encourage all parents in our school communities to attend the information session and to be proactive in addressing this issue.” 
An in-person session will take place at Fredericton High School. Live simulcast locations will be at
·         Southern Victoria High School
·         Woodstock High School
·         Carleton North High School
·         John Caldwell School
·         Nackawic Middle School
·         Oromocto High School
·         Minto Memorial High School
·         Harvey High School
·         Central New Brunswick Academy
·         Leo Hayes High School 
In this video, Sam Jinfgors extends a personal invitation to his presentation.