Middle school athletics receives major sponsorship

Article Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017

Athletic programs at 30 middle schools in Anglophone West School District received a generous gift on October 11. 

Hatheway Orthodontics announced a five-year, $100,000 sponsorship for the sports of soccer, badminton, softball, basketball, volleyball, track and field, and cross-country.
Athletic directors can access the funding for awards, championship banners, equipment, and the new Just Play program that provides support to children in need so they can participate in a middle school sport.
"Developing a healthy lifestyle and learning the dynamics of teamwork is something I'm very passionate about as a father, a coach, and a member of the community," says Dr. Bob Hatheway. "I want to see more children participating in athletics and remove some of the barriers that prevent kids from getting into the game. To level the playing field."
The Just Play program allows school athletic directors to access funding for 100 per cent of an eligible student's registration fees and personal equipment. Schools can also obtain funds for acquiring new sports equipment, with a 50 per cent matching component.
“Anglophone West School District is pleased to partner with Hatheway Orthodontics to encourage a connection between academics and athletics at the middle school level,” said Dianne Kay, Director of Curriculum & Instruction. “Partnerships of this type encourage students to lead a healthy, active lifestyle both today and for the rest of their lives.”
This sponsorship marks Hatheway Orthodontics’ second $100,000 contribution to middle school sports. The previous investment spanned 10 years and benefitted 4,000 students every year.