Anglophone West School District observes Safe Schools Week

Article Posted: Monday, October 16, 2017

The week of October 16-20 is being recognized as Safe Schools Week in Anglophone West School District. This week offers an opportunity to focus on the safety and security of our schools, and provides a special opportunity to educate the public about the safety initiatives schools implement to encourage a safe and caring learning environment.

“Keeping our students and staff safe is a top priority,” said Catherine Blaney, acting superintendent, Anglophone West School District. “Safe Schools Week helps students and staff to be aware of the best practices and procedures to maintain a safe environment in our schools.”
Safe Schools Week, which occurs annually, consists of five days dedicated to helping students; teachers, parents, and administrators raise awareness of the need to keep our schools safe.
Schools district-wide will host a series of activities for students and staff on such topics as emergency preparedness, school bus safety and fire drills.