Anglophone West School District launches online anonymous reporting tool

Article Posted: Monday, February 05, 2018

Anglophone School District West has launched PSSTWorld Report IT Now, an online anonymous reporting tool that will serve the safety needs of students, parents and staff across the district. The new tool allows tipsters to report any issue concerning safety at their school.

“Our district has taken important steps to promote safety in our schools through policy development, staff training, and education and awareness within the student population,” said Blaney. “With PSSTWorld, students, parents and staff will now have a safe, organized and popular mode of action for reporting school incidents and concerns.”

Through PSSTWorld, any type of safety concern can be reported including bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, assault or abuse, drugs, self-harming, suicidal thoughts, weapons, vandalism, threats of school attack or any other threat-related issues.

Using the online reporting system, safety tips are sent via email to school district safety staff. These tips are made anonymously and are followed up on in a confidential manner. School staff are consulted and appropriate interventions are implemented to resolve the situation in cooperation with parents and school district safety staff. Depending on the nature of the information, police may be notified. Tips are monitored during school hours, but emergencies can still be reported by calling 911.

“PSSTWorld will help our schools by providing communication and early detection of safety challenges as well as more opportunity for prevention, intervention and problem resolution,” Blaney explained. “We are confident this new tool will further support our schools in building safe learning environments across the district.”

Posters, promotional items and a marketing strategy will be used to attract students to the PSSTWorld website at Information will also be distributed to the public through voicemail, Twitter, You Tube and on the ASD-W website at

​Anglophone School District West has been working on acquiring PSSTWorld since December 2016 in partnership with the Safer Schools Together, an international company based in British Columbia which specializes in helping schools across Canada minimize and manage their risks.

Media contact: Judy Cole, communications, Anglophone School District West, 506-444-2852.​