Florenceville Elementary hosts Love Your Neighbour cultural event

Article Posted: Thursday, March 01, 2018

Florenceville Elementary School recently hosted a Love Your Neighbour Event. This celebration focused on learning more about the various cultures in the school community, as well as sampling some delicious cooking from around the world. Classrooms partnered with parents and community members from various countries and then shared their knowledge with other classes in the school. This provided an authentic learning experience about diversity in school and around the world. Countries and cultures that were highlighted were India, Cuba, Syria, Colombia, Wales, French Canadian and France. The event helped students become more globally aware, while also promoting understanding and inclusiveness. It was made possible through a nutritional literacy grant in support of learning and living in a culture of wellness.​ Shown in the photos below (left to right) are Sarika Kaalur, Nikhil Kaalur, Rohith Ungarala, Tejes Pandey and Lakshita Kaalur; Pooja Sharma, Madhav Sharma, Neeraj Sharma; and Malak Al Saiid, Mostafa Al Saiid.