Professional learning sessions scheduled on new sexual violence policy

Article Posted: Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Anglophone West School District will be hosting professional learning sessions for staff this month in relation to Sexual Violence Policy (703-14).

“Anglophone West School District is committed to providing safe learning environments,” said Acting Superintendent Catherine Blaney. “This policy has been developed to raise awareness and create a clear understanding of the issue so we can respond properly across the district and work to prevent sexual violence in our schools. The upcoming professional learning sessions will support capacity building as part of the policy implementation process.”

Forty school principals and guidance counsellors from 19 high schools will attend the sessions at the Oromocto Education Centre on March 21 and the Woodstock Education Centre on March 23. The sessions run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

Sexual Violence Policy (703-14) came into effect in the Anglophone West School District in July 2017, following the formation of a steering committee and extensive consultations with students, teachers and other key stakeholders.

The policy applies to all students from kindergarten to Grade 12.

“The issue of sexual violence is being widely debated on an international level,” said Tanya Whitney, Leadership Support Lead for Anglophone West School District. “We are being pro-active by bringing this policy forward and by providing staff with the training and tools they need to prioritize safety and prevention so all students have a positive learning environment.”

Future professional learning sessions are also being planned for staff from middle and elementary schools in the district.

Other initiatives are also underway to continue engaging students in sexual violence prevention and promoting safe and respectful learning environments at school.

“Sexual violence has always been a part of society and this work acknowledges that it can affect people of all ages,” explained Fredericton High School teacher William Milner. “As an educational institution, we are here to provide support and help to our students impacted by sexual violence.”


“These learning sessions are a way to unify our administrative staff in working to prevent sexual violence in our schools and in our society, to support students impacted by sexual violence, and to connect with community resources in the fight against sexual violence,” added Jennifer Lukings,  another teacher at Fredericton High. “They will provide administrators with practical tools in this work.”


More information on Sexual Violence Policy (703-14) can be found on the Anglophone West School District’s website at  Click on About Us, Policies, Health and Safety.

Media contact: Judy Cole, communications, Anglophone West School District, 506-444-2852.