Nackawic Elementary School students learning to be Star Bus Riders

Article Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

​At Nackawic Elementary School, getting a "Caught Ya" card from the bus driver is a good thing. For the student, it means they are demonstrating good behaviour and following safety rules and guidelines while travelling on the school bus. The card is then placed on the bulletin board in the entrance of the school to recognize Nackawic Elementary's "Star Riders." 

"Bus drivers are providing positive and specific verbal feedback to students who have received a 'Caught Ya' card," said Principal Larry Graham. "It is a positive spin on things to give incentive to act properly. It's a pilot project and we are the first school to try it."

Teachers are also reviewing bus safety rules and guidelines in their classroom with a follow-up activity. At the event of five weeks, at a school assembly with their bus drivers present, the students who have "Caught Ya" cards will be acknowledged and some prizes will be drawn.

Nackawic Elementary is piloting the Positive Behaviour Intervention Support (PBIS) project in partnership with ASD-W's transportation department. Shown in the photo below are students Leah Dempsey and Jonathan O'Grady with their "Caught Ya" cards.