Carleton North High School graduate to compete nationally in welding

Article Posted: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Grade 12 student Frederic Gaillardetz is a skilled tradesman on a mission. He will represent New Brunswick in high school welding during the Skills Canada National Competition in Edmonton, Alberta on June 4-5.

Frederic's talent and interest in welding began when he studied metal fabrication during his Grade 11 year at Carleton North High School. He enrolled in production welding in Grade 12 and soon proved to be an excellent candidate for competition with his patience and meticulous attention to detail, Principal Dr. Anne Senechal said. 

BWS Manufacturing Ltd. in Centreville partners with the school's welding program. The company's expertise and willingness to give students like Frederic the opportunity to work and practice in a business setting increases their knowledge, experience and confidence in the trade. 

Looking to a future career in the trades, Frederic has enrolled in the welding program at NBCC Woodstock for the fall of 2018 and is currently completing his Grade 12 cooperative education program at BWS Manufacturing. He has also received a scholarship from the Canadian Welding Association/Canadian Welding Bureau toward his post-secondary training.

In April 2018, he competed for Carleton North at the Skills Trade High​ School competition where he placed first out of 10 student welders.