Nackawic Elementary named Earth School in Canada

Article Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2018

​Nackawic Elementary School has been named an Earth School by logging more than 1,000 environmental projects over many years with the Seeds Foundation, a national Green Schools program operating in schools across Canada.

On June 11, the students sang songs and hosted a celebration of their efforts with Lieutenant Governor Jocelynn Roy-Vienneau, her husband, Ronald Vienneau, and Nackawic Mayor Ian Kitchen in attendance. Jeanette Garland, parent school committee chair, and Charlotte Flores from the Falls Brook Centre in Knowlesville also offered their praise to the students for striving to protect the environment.

""We have worked hard to reach our goal," said Principal Larry Graham. "We must promise to continue to do our best to keep our school an environmentally responsible place to work and play. I hope you will continue to do your best to recycle, reduce and reuse and keep garbage off our playground. Continue to look after the plants inside and outside the school in our outdoor classroom as well as on the playground and in our gardens. Congratulations, everyone!"

Graham said the campaign first began in 1992 under the leadership of Jeannie Martin and since then six books of environmental projects have been logged by the school. Students have become more environmentally aware through several activities including water and energy conservation, recycling, getting rid of plastics, studying nature, and keeping their school and playground clean of litter by adopting the motto, Clean, Clean, Keep our School Green.

Teacher Tanya Jackman and her Grade 5 class won the trophy for showing environmental leadership consistently throughout the school year. The entire school also earned a new Earth School banner for their green achievements. During the celebration, a student from each class also came forward to pass the Earth Ball as a sign of their commitment to continue protecting the planet. 

Lieutenant Governor Jocelynn Roy-Vienneau told the students they are sending a message to the community to take a more responsible approach toward protecting the environment.

"What will you do next to continue to make a difference and change the world?" the Lieutenant Governor said. "Congratulations and I am very proud of you."

Mayor Ian Kitchen encouraged the students to carry their environmental leadership into adulthood so they can continue to protect the planet into the future.

The Green Schools program, which provides the Earth School designation, encourages students to be environmentally responsible and to take personal action at school and at home. Classes undertake projects to learn, communicate, and enhance the environment. Under the program, one million projects have been completed at 6,000 Canadian schools. 

Shown in the photos below: (1) Lily Wright on the drum and Owen Lutwick on the cymbals, with student council reps Leah Dempsey and Jonathan O'Grady (back) as the Earth School banner is unfolded; (2) Principal Larry Graham and students (left to right) Elizabeth-Day Wortman, Adrienne Roy. Noah Simpson, Drew Springer, Zander Chase, Colton MacElwain, Mya Fox-Grant and Victoria Brewer pass the Earth Ball as a sign of their commitment to continue protecting the planet; (3) Mayor Ian Kitchen, Lieutenant-Governor Jocelynn Roy-Vienneau, and her husband, Roy Vienneau, at the celebration; (4) Teacher Tanya Jackman with her Grade 5 class upon winning the trophy for environmental leadership, (back row, left to right) Jarrett Barrett, Jonathan O'Grady, Aiden Lavigne, Tanner Trail, Eric Spencer, Abby Germain, Alexa Brewer, Gregory Patterson; (front row) Dale Cronkhite, Mason Estey-Brooks, Adrienne Roy, teacher Tanya Jackman, Tia Carter, Annie Pike, Gabby Barrett and Trenton Anderson-Babin.