Build it and they will come - Centreville Community School

Article Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Build it and they will come – Centreville Community School

 On Sept. 9, students, staff and parents at Centreville Community School got a firsthand look at a $46,000 refurbishment of the school gym, made possible through a community partnership.

Vice-Principal Chris Sparrow said community stakeholders recently joined forces to form the Centreville Community Gym Re-Fresh Committee. This group, in consultation with the school, worked to carry out the gym work by creating an action plan and raising sufficient funds to complete the project within a few months.  

As a result, the refurbishment of the gym was completed in mid-July and included floor sanding, painting the lines and keys, adding a new centre court logo, varnishing, purchase of a protective floor cover, installation of new energy efficient lighting, and new score clock which is expected to arrive soon.

“Our gymnasium gets a lot of use,” Sparrow said. “In addition to our physical education classes, intramural programs, sports and extra-curricular activities, we have a variety of assemblies during the year along with drama and musical performances. It is certainly a multi-use facility as our community also uses the gym to support its mini-ball program, a basketball summer camp, as well as various services throughout the year such as our Remembrance Day service and our annual Christmas concert. We even host multiple blood donor clinics throughout the year. It’s a busy place.”

Prior to the refurbishment, safety concerns arose about the slippery floor and the darkness of the gym due to outdated lighting. A 30-year-old score clock was also not working properly. The improvements have now created a place for the school community to take pride in, Sparrow said.

 “Students are excited about the change. They are taking ownership over the floor, being a little more careful and always wearing proper footwear.”

 An official opening of the refurbished gym is being planned for later in the fall.

The Centreville Community School Gym Refresh Committee was led by Ginny Banks with multiple community partners making monetary contributions to the project.