Internationally known Gwynne Dyer lectures on climate change at Fredericton High School

Article Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2019

Internationally known journalist Gwynne Dyer spoke to 450 Grade 11 students about climate change on Oct. 9 at Fredericton High School.

His lecture entitled, "The Geopolitics of Climate Change," asked students to meet the challenge of climate change head-on, as this will be the top issue of their generation, Dyer said.

Dyer has worked as a freelance journalist, columnist, broadcaster and lecturer on international affairs for more than 20 years. Born in Newfoundland in 1943, he received degrees from Canadian, American and British universities, finishing with a Ph.D. in Military and Middle Eastern History from the University of London. He served in three navies and held academic appointments at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Oxford University before becoming a journalist in 1973.

Since then, his major activity has been his twice-weekly column on international affairs, which is published by 175 papers in some 45 countries. It is translated into more than a dozen languages.

In September 2019, global climate strike action took hundreds of thousands of young people out of classrooms and into streets around the world as youth leaders gathered at the United Nations (UN) to demand radical moves to fight climate change.

Scientists predict that by 2050, with a projected increased global population of 9.6 billion, the Earth would need the equivalent of almost three planets worth of resources to sustain a way of living, if current consumption and production patterns remain the same. 

Shown in the photo below is Gwynne Dyer speaking to students at Fredericton High School Oct. 9.