UPDATE: Hubbard Students Back to In-person Learning on Monday, February 22

Article Posted: Friday, February 19, 2021

Families of Hubbard Avenue Elementary School,

I have confirmed that the classroom environment at Hubbard is now warm and safe.  With this, we are prepared to move back to “in-person” learning on Monday, February 22.  There are some important points to note with this decision:

  • The heating pipes, although mostly repaired, remain a concern that we will need to monitor carefully.  The concern is that they may fail again.  The repairs have been done with some patch-work and replacement of some piping in an easily accessible area.  The system is repaired enough that will allow the heat to flow and the air quality in the classroom setting is safe.
  • The gymnasium will be closed for the week.  This is for precautionary reasons.  Physical Education classes will continue, but just in a different location.
  • Knowing that the heating system could fail again at any point, it is important for staff and families to have a back-up plan if we need to move to remote learning on short notice. 
    • The heating system could fail early in the morning which would result in school being canceled for the day and a subsequent shift to remote learning the next day.
    • The heating system could fail during the day which might result in students being sent home early and shifting to remote learning the next day.
    • The heating system could fail in the evening which would require communication from the principal or me and shifting to remote learning the next day.
  • Officials from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI) have been working with us tirelessly on this emergency situation.  Collectively, we have been exploring options for a long-term fix that may or may not involve a temporary partial or full relocation of students to another building for their learning.  A variety of options are being explored and I hope to have more information to share later next week on the next steps.

This message now confirms the plans for next week, taking us to March Break.  We will use the school as long as we are able and revert to remote learning only if required.  Please remember that the switch to remote learning could be communicated at any time.

The safety and comfort of students and staff remain the priority.  Efforts of Hubbard staff to ensure continued learning in this unique circumstance have not gone unnoticed and are appreciated.  Commitments by students and their families are also recognized during this unusual time.

I look forward to sharing more information with you towards the end of next week.  Have a nice weekend.

Sincerely and with thanks for your patience,

David McTimoney, Superintendent​