Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week February 12-18

Article Posted: Monday, February 13, 2017

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is an opportunity to celebrate the important work that more than 2,900 teachers and support staff perform every day in Anglophone West Schoo​l District schools, offices and on the buses.

"Celebrating this important week gives us the chance to demonstrate our appreciation to teachers and support staff for their contributions to the young people of our district,” said Superintendent David McTimoney. 

“During Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week this year, let's all make a point ​of thanking each and every individual who has taken on this important task.

The contribution made to the education of our youth by every teacher, educational assistant, administrator, school support staff member, district office employee, health professional, librarian, facility worker, cleaning staff and school bus driver deserves our special acknowledgement and gratitude.”​​