ASD-W educator honoured with Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence

Article Posted: Monday, May 08, 2017

Congratulations to Chantal Lafargue, an educator with Anglophone West School District, who is a recipient of a Certificate of Achievement from the 2017 Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence.

The Prime Minister’s Awards website had this to say about Lafargue who is currently a teacher at the district’s Newcomer Support Centre:

A passion for language and culture fuels Chantal Lafargue to spearhead partnerships with community and outside agencies to develop countless opportunities for her students and provide support for incoming Syrian refugees and their families and all newcomers to Canada. She is a pioneer in Canadian language education and a true hero in celebrating our national multicultural identity.

Lafargue ensures that each class is packed in relevant content delivered in very personal ways. Her lessons are supported by “Can Do” statements that help students with self-assessment as they learn a new language.

“Anglophone West School District has many great teachers like Chantal Lafargue who make a difference in our children’s lives every day,” said Superintendent David McTimoney. “Students greatly benefit from Chantal’s passion for education and her commitment to student success.”  

Among Lafargue’s outstanding achievements:

           Working with colleagues to create a unique language portfolio. This project was nationally recognized and put their school on the map for language education. Lafargue also developed assessment tools, workshops, professional development sessions, curriculum and co-authored books focused on language instruction and cultural competency with partners at the Second Language Research Institute of Canada at the University of New Brunswick. 

           Securing a grant and worked with students and colleagues to create an online welcome booklet for newcomers for the school’s website. The eBook was recorded in 12 different languages over a six-month period.

           Spearheading the use of a new intake assessment for English proficiency at her high school, which enabled better placement of new Syrian and all newcomers into English support classes. The assessment was adopted by other schools in the district.