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The provincial government is renovating Connaught Street School to provide enhanced facilities to students.

Currently, the school does not have a cafeteria and uses a multipurpose area as a gymnasium. As part of the project, an addition to the school will be constructed to house a gymnasium, changing room and washroom facilities. In addition, the school will be renovated to create a cafeteria and kitchen. 

“Anglophone West School District is pleased this project that was prioritized by the district education council is becoming a reality,” said Superintendent David McTimoney. “We welcome this investment from the provincial government to renovate Connaught Street School to include a gymnasium and a cafeteria.”

The provincial government is investing $400,000 from its 2017-2018 capital budget to begin planning and design for the project. The total cost of the project is estimated at $4 million.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser visited the school to make the announcement.



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