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January 15
​Autism Learning Partnership​

Hello Parents & Guardians

The Autism Learning Partnership Branch of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is pleased to inform you that the online autism training program, ASD and Behavioural Interventions: An Introduction for School Personnel – Access for Parents/Guardians, will now be available at no cost to all parents and guardians of school-aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in New Brunswick. Although ASD and Behavioural Interventions: An Introduction for School Personnel was designed to meet the needs of educational personnel working with children and youth with ASD within the school setting, parents and guardians will also benefit from access to a slightly modified version of this online training program.

Enrolled parents/guardians will have access to online modules pertaining to the basic concepts of ASD, the impact of ASD on learning, as well as the interventions that aim to address the skill deficits associated with ASD.  These modules will help parents gain an understanding of the characteristics of ASD and offer them initial training in the evidenced-based interventions being used by school personnel that support learners with ASD.  Parents will then be better equipped with the tools to further understand, support and actively participate in their child’s intervention.

Online registration will take place between January 9-31, 2019 and will be done through the Department of Education and Early Childhood website.  The course will begin on February 7, 2019. Also note that the next period of online registration for the parents of preschool-aged children is from February 6-18, 2019.


Parents who are interested in enrolling can click on the following link:

http://asd-tsa.nbed.nb.ca/If this is not a convenient time, note that enrollment will be possible at another time in the upcoming year. Updates will be provided through the Department website.  If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Gaudet (lynn.gaudet2@gnb.ca; 506-238-0243).

Thank you for your interest.


Lynn Gaudet

Learning Specialist

Autism Learning Partnership

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

 ASD_K12_Lv1_Autism Brochure_Parent_Web.pdfASD_K12_Lv1_Autism Brochure_Parent_Web.pdf

January 08
MES January Newsletter 2019

January 2019.jpg
Hello MES Parents & Guardians!  Please see document below for Upcoming Events for January!

McAdam Elementary School Newsletter January 2019.pdfMcAdam Elementary School Newsletter January 2019.pdf

January 08

Family Literacy Day 2019.png

January 08
Registration for French Immersion 2019-2020

Registration for French Immersion for the 2019-2020 school year will be done electronically through the following hyperlink to the ASD-W web site:  Registration for French Immersion 2019-2020.  (The registration form will be available effective January 15, 2019 and will remain open to the end of the school year (June 2019), with scheduled monitoring.)  

Registrations received by February 28, 2019, will inform planning for formation of classes (as per Provincial Policy 309:  French Second Language Programs).

Please be advised that the following information is available on the ASD-W web site www.asd-w.nbed.nb.ca:

  • Schedule of ASD-W Presentations to Parents – French Second Language Programs (see below attached document)
  • French Immersion Registration – Grade 1 and Grade 6 Entry – Link to electronic registration form Registration for French Immersion 2019-2020 (available effective January 15, 2019)

Instructions for parents who do not have access to a computer are included on the attached ‘Process’ document.FSL Parent Information Meetings 2019-2020.pdfFSL Parent Information Meetings 2019-2020.pdf

December 17
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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December 17
Kids Have Stress Too!

​Canadian Mental Health Association 

Kids have Stress too!.gif 
Are you a Parent or Caregiver to a Young Child?

If so this Training is for YOU! FREE!

Please see below document forPre-registration details!

KHST Flyer Jan 19 Harvey.pdfKHST Flyer Jan 19 Harvey.pdf

December 06


November 29


Hello MES Parents & Guardians!  Please see document below for Upcoming Events for December!​

McAdam Elementary School Newsletter December 2018.pdfMcAdam Elementary School Newsletter December 2018.pdf

November 28
MES Christmas Concert 2018!

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November 08

Hello Parents & Guardians,

Please read the below IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM ANGLOPHONE WEST in regards to 


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