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August 28
Welcome Back

​hello Parents. School start up has had some challenges.  We are still without power to the building.  Class lists will not be emailed as per the usual. You may find your students class at our meet the teacher.  We have changed the format this year.   It will be a drop in event, on Thursday, August 29th between 4 and 5pm.  Come anytime between those hours, visit with the teacher, bring the children as well this year to see their classroom.

The online student feel option will not be available until the first week of school so you will have to hold off paying school fees until the online option is set up.  We encourage all families to pay online, thus reduces a lot of accounting steps for us.

I will email teachers names and grades as soon as we have power so you have an idea of where your child was placed for this school year.  

K parents, please sign up for your child's start date, either tue or wed, 9-11, at our meet the teacher event.


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