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March 30
Popcorn Day Thursday March 30th!

Don't forget to bring a loonie on Thursday ($1.00) for a bag of popcorn during morning recess.​popcorn-clip-art-12.jpg

March 29
Lunch With Your Student!

Save the date!  We are hoping you can visit with your student and have lunch with them on Thursday, April 6th from 12:00 - 12:30. ​

March 21
Yearbook Orders


Just a reminder to Parents that Yearbook Orders are now due in the Office.  Montgomery Street is making a step forward with the Yearbook this year and including group and team pages, senior class messages and autograph page.  If you have not received a yearbook order form at your home, please contact the school office as soon as possible.


March 01
Wednesday Pick-Up

Good Morning, a reminder that if you are picking your child up on Wednesdays, please park at the NBTA building.  Our parking lot is not big enough to accommodate the amount of cars picking up students.  The NBTA is aware and has given permission for this to happen so don't worry about the "No Parking" signs.​

February 28

 On February 27th we started building a paper kindness chain.  Every act of kindness will be written down on a link of paper and added to the paper chain.  We will be adding to the kindness chain every day and hope to have it reach down the school hallway by the end of June.  Parents, please encourage your child to do kind acts and let their teachers know what they have done!


February 27

Monday, February 27th is Crazy Hair Day at Montgomery Street.  Tuesday, Feb. 28th is Jersey Day, support your favorite team! Wednesday, March 1st is Pink Shirt Day! Thursday, March 2nd, wear your School Colours, Red and/or Blue!  Friday, March 3rd is gum day, Students will be able to chew gum in class!  (Gum provided by the School)
Image result for Crazy Hair Cartoon

February 23
No School on Friday, February 24th

There will be no classes for Students on Friday, February 24th, due to a pre-scheduled Professional Learning Day. ​

February 07
NBA 2 Ball Meet Cancelled

This announcement is for Families whose Grade 4 or 5 Son is planning on attending the NBA 2 Ball meet at Priestman Street School on Wednesday, February 8th.  The NBA 2 ball meet has been cancelled because of a scheduling conflict at that school.  When we get an alternate time organized, we will let you know.

February 06
Food Bank Donation
We are proud to announce that Montgomery Street recently donated $391.50 to the Fredericton Food Bank.
The Food Bank is always appreciative of donations, particularly at this time of year.   This donation was made possible by your generosity and participation in our annual Christmas Shopping Day.

February 06
MHL Season Passes

We are close to selling out our allotment of season passes​ for the MHL. 5$ each.  All money rasied goes towards player of the game awards, meals and trophies for the winning teams. 

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