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June 03
Notes for the Week of June 5, 2017

​     Our year-end field trip will be to Scott's Nursery.  Please sign and return the permission slip as soon as possible.

     Our math work this month will focus on the addition and subtraction facts to 10 and application of the computation strategies to solve word problems with numbers to 20.  We are also finishing up the geometry unit on 2D and 3D shapes.

     In writing, we are looking at poetry and writing poetry in a variety of different forms.  Please continue to practice reading every night.  

May 20
Notes for the Week of May 23, 2017

​Please note that the breakfast progam is over for this year.  Many of the students in our class enjoyed a little extra nutrition before they started their day.  This will not longer be available, so you many want to think about more breakfast or extra snack in the lunch.

In math we are enjoying geometry centers and shape puzzles.  We are also playing lots of games with the facts to 10.

In writing, we will be circling back to the personal narrative journal stories for the next little while.  It makes the morning much easier if your child has an idea for their small-moment story.

I hope everyone is enjoying their long week-end!

May 13
Notes for the Week of May 15, 2017

​There is no school on Monday, May 15, 2017.

In writing, we finished the "All About" books and shared them with our reading buddies.  Some children took their books home on Friday and the rest will come home on Tuesday. Next we are going to try some persuasive pieces.

In math, we have begun our unit on geometry.  The students really enjoyed creating shapes from tangrams and working with the geoboards.  In preparation for grade two, we will also be doing lots of work with the addition and subtraction facts to 10.  Quick recall of the answers will help the children so much next year as they begin double digit addition and subtraction.  Please help your child review the facts at home.

May 07
Notes for the Week of May 8, 2017

​     This is Miss Robertson's final week in our classroom.  We will miss her and we wish her all the best!

     We are finishing up our "All About" books and I will begin to bind them as the children complete the table of contents and organize their pages.  We will share the books with the grade two students and then bring them home to share with family and keep forever!  The next writing focus will be letter writing.

     In math, we will begin the unit on geometry and continue to work with word problems.  

     Protecting the environment continues to be the main topic in You and Your World.

April 30
Notes for the Week of May 1, 2017

​There is no school on Friday, May 5th due to teacher professional development.

We are working hard on our non-fiction books and this week we will begin to put the finishing touches on.  Students will be adding an "All About the Author" page and a dedication page.  Then we will organize our books and compile a table of contents.  

In math, we have compared lengths, mass and capacity.  This week we will look at surface area and begin to use our knowledge of measurement to describe objects according to their attributes.  Please continue to work on the facts to 10.  Students have a variety of mental math strategies they can use to figure out the answers, but extra practice makes it easier!

In You and Your World, we are looking at our environment and things we can do to help the earth.

April 23
Notes for the Week of April 24, 2017

​Please note that there is no school on Friday, April 28 due to teacher professional development.

We are hard at work writing our "All About" non-fiction books.  We are making lots of different pages (diagram pages, information pages, kinds of pages and how-to pages).  We will continue to write our non-fiction books for at least another week, before I bind them and we share our books with others in the class and in the school.

In math, we have begun the unit on measurement.  The goal in grade one is comparison of different objects based on length, mass, surface area, etc.  We have begun to work with length and we are ordering shortest to longest and longest to shortest.  Students need to use the comparison words (longer, longest, shorter, etc.) to describe the relationship between objects.  This week we will focus on mass.

We will continue to work on addition and subtraction for the remainder of the year.  Your child should be able to figure out the addition facts to 10 using a variety of mental math strategies (counting on, doubles, etc.)  Fact review at home is always beneficial!

In You and Your World, we have been looking at the four food groups and healthy eating habits. 

April 09
Notes for the Week of April 10, 2017

​There is no school on Monday, April 10th due to parent/teacher interviews.  Friday and the following Monday are school holidays.

In math we are continuing to work on a variety of addition and subtraction word problems.  The students are now beginning to write their own problems and this requires a deeper level of understanding.

We have begun our "All About" books and each child has selected a topic to write their non-fiction book on.  Your student may be looking for additional information on their topic so please send in any relevant books or information you may have printed from the computer.

April 01
Notes for the Week of April 3, 2017

​Report cards go home this Friday and we are now scheduling the parent teacher interviews for next week.  Be sure to return the note with your time preferences as soon as possible so we can accomodate your schedule.

In writing, we are beginning to work on non-fiction.  We have started writing "How To" pieces where the students give directions for something they know how to make or play.  This week, we are going to begin an "All About" book.  Students will have to select a topic that they know a lot about.  Topics can range from dogs, to hockey, to their family.  You might want to discuss topics with your child so they will have some ideas ready to go.

In math, we are working on our mental math strategies.  This week we will focus on making ten (9 + 6 is the same as 10 + 5) and using addition to help solve subtraction questions.

March 25
Notes for the Week of March 27, 2017

​​This week, we are going to begin non-fiction writing and create some "How-To" books.  Students will be writing and illustrating their own instructions for simple activities, games, crafts, etc.

In math, we will continue to work on solving a variety of addtion and subtraction problems.  We are also going to do some work with number lines and how we can use them to represent a math sentence.

Dental health will be the focus of You and Your World.  We finished our island mapping projects and the children were so proud to take their models home.

Sidney Robertson, our student teacher from UNB will be in the classroom for the next seven weeks, so I am sure you will hear her name mentioned.

March 18
Notes for the Week of March 20, 2017

​Spring is officially here! In writing we are working on the concept of "showing not telling", so instead of saying "It was a nice day" we show our reader how lovely it was.  For example, the grade one writer might say "The sun was shining and no one was wearing their snowpants" to give the reader a better picture of the "nice day".

In math, we are solving comparison problems and representing them with math sentences.  Some examples would be:

     Sue had 10 bananas and Joe had 6 bananas.  How many more bananas did Sue have?

     The zoo had giraffes and lions.  They had 9 giraffes.  They had 3 more lions than giraffes.  How many lions did they have?

     Nick had pencils and erasers.  He had 12 pencils. He had 5 fewer erasers than pencils.  How many erasers did he have?

In You and Your World, we have started a 3D mapping project.  Each student has designed an island which they will name and describe.  They will tell about the weather on their island and the types of animals it supports.  After looking at how the climate effects the plants, animals and people in the area, we will draw maps of the island.  Fun!

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