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December 15
December Newsletter Vol.3
Happy Holidays! As we approach the Christmas Holidays our school has many events coming up that I would like to send a couple of reminders about.
Anti-Bullying Day- Friday, December 16th is marked as “Anti-Bullying Day” across Canada. We ask the students to wear pink to show that bullying will not be accepted and that at Nashwaak Valley, “We Stand Up To Bullying”.
Christmas Dinner- This is an annual tradition at Nashwaak Valley and one of the staff and students favorite days. We all sit down as one large family and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by many volunteers. Thank you to everyone who donated to make this meal happen.
Singing and Skating at the Villa- There is a change of date! Grade 3-5 students will be travelling to the Stanley Villa to sing some Christmas songs on Monday, December 19th. They will then proceed to the Stanley Agrena for some skating. Please remember to bring their skates, helmets and a cloth bag to protect the blades.
Santa’s Gift Shop- The students love this day, as they get to “shop” for their parents, grandparents or siblings.
A letter was sent home at the beginning of this week to explain the details but we are still looking for Santa’s Elves to help us on December 21st from 8:30-10:15 AM. If you are available to help us wrap gifts please let Mrs. Spencer know at Natasha.spencer@nbed.nb.ca. Also please don’t forget to send in items for Santa’s Gift shop which will allow for the students to “shop” (no money). The number of items your child brings in is the number of items that they can “shop” for. If you are donating items, so that other children can also shop, please ensure to include a note to inform the teacher of this.
Last Day of School- The last day of school prior to Christmas holidays will be December 23rd. The students will be leaving at 11:30am and following the Wednesday dismissal run.
First day back is Tuesday, January 10th.


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