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March 27
Mystery Reader ~ Gavin's Mom!
March 27
Homework March 27th-31st
March 26
Weekly Notifications
1. Report cards will be sent home on Monday, April 3rd.
2. A parent/teacher interview sign up sheet will be sent home today. Appointments will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. 
3. Science - We have completed our science unit on the body. There is no final test; however, students have completed a project. In addition to the project, final grades were based on participation, classroom observations while reading in teams and using scientific terminology in context.
4. Social Studies - This week we will be starting social studies. For the next few weeks, we will be learning about First Nations Communities. We will be reading several informative texts to learn more about this subject. How students will be graded for this unit; final test, totem pole project (will be done in class), reading and participation in group discussions.
5.  Reading -  You will be receiving a notice this week informing you of your child's reading level.
6. Writing - Students are in the process of completing their stories in French and in English. I have completed most writing conferences, but not all. Upon completion of a writing conference, I send home a rubric with your child's mark. If you have not seen a writing mark recently, please ask your child if it is in their homework duo-tang. Not all rubrics with marks are being signed and returned to school.
7. Math -  we are in the process of learning about equivalent decimals. There is a test this Wednesday on quivalent fractions and place value for decimals.   

March 26
Les mots de la semaine - Words of the Week
Words of the Week:
un arrosoir, les bourgeons, un boyau d’arrosage, une brouette, un nid, arroser, un râteau, un balai à feuilles, une tondeuse
English : (Since we only have English twice a week, these words are assigned for 2 weeks. Students will be assigned new words every 2 weeks.)
follow, matter, summer, million, dollar, scissors, cattle, address, office, suppertime, blizzard, penny, wrapper, wallet, occurrence, village, collide, battle

March 26
Homework - Les Devoirs
Math Homework:
Students have 3 math sheets to complete this week.
Literacy Homework:
Students are to complete 15 – 20 minutes of literacy every night. If your child does not have time to complete their literacy activity one night, they are more than welcome to double up their time the following night. 



Students are to complete the homophone worksheet. They need more practice with the homophone à/a.
March 22
Mystery Reader ~ Matthew's Mom!
March 22
Mystery Reader ~ Hudson's Mom!
March 22
Homework March 20-24th
March 20
2M Family Challenge: Scratch 30

​Going home on Tuesday, March 21st is a fun and exciting reinforcement activity to promote mental math strategies using our number strands in math for your entire family - even Mrs. Mac's family will be participating!  If you lose your paper another one can be found on Mrs. MacArthur's teacher page.  I'm asking them all to come back in on/before March 31st.  Have fun and enjoy.

March 20
Writing homework...

The students are working on a persuasive essay. Today, we modelled an introduction and they began their piece. Students are to have their introduction done for class on Thursday; if they are not already done. 

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