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June 19


The day is getting closer and it is very exciting!!!
I know that some parents and students have questions about this day as it's new how we are doing it this year.

To start the day - There is no cost to the students all day and evening. They should not have to ask parents for any money to participate.

The day will start with their teachers and they have swimming at the field house for the students or a movie in theatre.

The Grade 8 Celebration is starting at 11am. It is for the students of Grade 8 and teachers only.
They have an opening ceremony in the field house and then at 11:30am they proceed to go outside for activities and a BBQ.
At the BBQ it will be hot dogs and hamburgers. It is really important that if your child is vegetarian and needs Veggie Burgers to send a message to Mad Gauvin to add their name on a list. Only those students on that list will be able to have the Veggie Burgers. The reason why? It is been donated to the school and for the amount needed.
The activities will be going all day outside with a DJ playing music outside. If it is raining, it will all take place in the field house.
The activities are until 2:30pm and then the students get ready to leave for the end of school day

Parents and students, are wondering if the students are meeting at the green (beside Duck's Unlimited) for pictures with their friends as previous years. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT THE COMMITTEE LOOKS AFTER OR PLANS. I seen questions about it on our Facebook pages and yes, some students are planning of going and I don't see a time that they are planning to meet.

The Dance starts at 7:00pm. Not 6:30pm but 7:00pm as there was a miscommunication that was sent to some parents.
The dance is for the students and Teachers only. Not for parents to hang around. If you want to volunteer for Chaperone, I still need a few parents. Please send me an email at roseannelawrence1969@gmail.com
The students will needs to check in when they come in to ensure their name is on the list. Only students of NMS grade 8 is able to attend.
They will have a photo booth that will take pictures and the students will get a print out instantly. Again, there is no fee. We will also have a location for students to be able to take selfies or pictures with their own camera with some props.
A movie will be showing in the theatre (not sure of the title yet)
Popcorn table and a candy bar (no fee)
The dance will be in the cafeteria with a DJ.
The dance ends at 9:30pm and we want the parents to be on time for pick up.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to email me or put it on our Facebook page. (Nashwaaksis Middle School Grade 8 Celebration)

Roseanne Lawrence and Valerie Kelly

June 18
First day of school (Tuesday, September 5th) will ONLY be for our Grade 6 students.

After consultation with District Leadership, all middle schools in the Fredericton and Oromocto area are pleased to announce that starting this fall the first day of school (Tuesday, September 5th) will only be for our Grade 6 students. This will provide a new opportunity for all staff in our building to welcome your child to this new venture called Middle School.   (Wednesday, September 6th is for all grades 6-8)

Save the date:
Family BBQ/Parent Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 7th @5:30pm-6:30pm.  Stay tuned for more information!
June 06
Thank-you PSSC, Taylor Printing Group , and the city Field House Committee

​Thank-you to all those involved in making our school a better place.  The new signs (Field House and Office) that have recently been installed look professional and welcoming. 

May 12
Grade 8 Families!!!  We need your help.

​To all parents of Grade 8 students

This is a reminder that it isn't too late if you hadn't had a chance to send in your donation (minimum of $10) to your child homeroom teacher. We are still collecting as we are trying to achieve our goals in organizing a full and fun day for the students.
If you prefer to purchase items that we needs, please contact me at home 455-4838 or cell 261-2260 or email address roseannelawrence1969@gmail.com
You could always check our Facebook page for the list of items we are looking for (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012774515526763/)
List of what we need up to now:
*  Minimum of $10 donation (please put in a seal envelope for your child's teacher)
*  Hot dogs buns
*  Hamburger buns
*  8-10 plastics tubs of candies from Walmart
*  We are looking to borrow white mini-lights
*  We are looking to borrow clear container for a candy bar
Looking forward to the Celebration
Roseanne Lawrence and Valerie Kelly
... On behalf of the Grade 8 Celebration Committee
May 12

NBTA Branch Meeting Day (No Classes for Students)​

May 08
Market Place @ NMS - Thursday, May 11. 2017
This Thursday (May 11th) 7E, 8A and 8C will be holding a market place in our very own school cafeteria. The market will be open for business from 1pm until 6pm on Thursday. Students have been working very hard to create, manufacture and advertise their very own products. Items such as herb gardens, potted plants, face products, home décor, phone accessories, bath bombs, stress balls, instant cookie mixes, grocery grabs, dog treats, tub tubes, yummy treats and even a student orientated note taking app will be available for purchase.  All proceeds go to support either the Canadian Cancer Society or the We Nasis initiative to build a classroom in Haiti. Mother’s Day is May 14th, so the Marketplace is the perfect opportunity to buy a nice gift for your mom, for a friend or to just treat yourself. So don’t miss out.. Bring your money on May 11th!!

May 01
GRADE 8 PARENTS VISIT LHHS - 6PM - May 10th, 2017
April 27

Admission by Donation.  Doors open at 5:30PM.  Everyone Welcome!​

April 27
Hello parents and guardians of grade 8 students,
The end of the school year is fast approaching and LHHS is preparing to welcome our grade 8's into their school community.  The staff at LHHS has invited parent to attend an information night on Wednesday, May 10th at 6 pm.  There you will have the opportunity to hear from some staff members and take a tour of the building.  It is highly encouraged that students also attend this session.  Additionally, all grade 8 student will take a tour of LHHS on the morning of May 30th.  They will leave NMS at 8:45 and return at approximately 10:45am.

Thank You!​

April 24
Leo Hayes High School Parent Information Session

A Leo Hayes High School Parent Information Session will be held on Thursday, April 27th at 6:30PM in the NMS Theatre LHHS Principal, Brad Sturgeon, will be present to discuss topics related to transitioning our Grade 8 students to high school.  Parents and students are welcome to attend.

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