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May 18
Ouellette - MATH (8D - 8E - 8G - 7/8H)

Today, we started the class with a little mental math warm-up.  We looked at various strategies utilized to solve questions.  Afterwards, students were informed that I would be in my classroom starting at 12:20pm today for EXTRA HELP to go over and review the parts of a circular graph and how to construct one.  For homework, they have to complete the sheet they received on interpreting circular graphs.  We will correct these questions Tuesday.

Wishing you all a super L-O-N-G weekend and Happy Victoria Day


May 17
Ouellette - MATH (8D - 8E - 8G - 7/8H)

Yesterday, students wrote the summative test on outcome SS3-Geometry (bissectrices des angles, médiatrices de segments, ​identifier droites parallèles et perpendiculaires).  Today we started to look at the Statistics and Probability strand:

7's: Construire, étiqueter et interpréter des diagrammes circulaires por résoudre des problèmes.

8's: Critiquer les façons dont les données sont présentés dans divers types de diagrammes.

Tonight, students have to complete questions 1 and 2 on the sheet they received today in class.  DO NOT do #3.  Students should also take 5-10 minutes and go over the sheets they received today and review their journals.

Have a great day


May 16
7E Sciences Humaines

We will be having a quiz in sciences humaines on Wednesday, May 23rd​.  Students are responsible for their notes on: racism, Viola Desmond, and residential schools. 

May 15
Science 8 (Bray)

Students continue to study Ocean Life. They are creating a habitat diorama in class with materials from their teacher and from home. They are viewing videos and discussing videos related to Ocean Life, inclluding the Mariana Trench.​

May 15
LA 8 (Bray)

This week students are continuing their Visual Writing activity. Students have chosen an image and quote from The Mysteries Harris Burdick's "​ by Chris Van Allsburg.

This story will be composed in class. The tentative due-date is Tuesday, May 22, 2018.

Mini writing lessons include: pre-writing strategies (webs, outlines prior to wirting).

Students have chosen a WRite Trait skills focus for this assignment, based upon previous compositions.


May 15
Math 8A, 8C and 8F

Work on the review package for nets.

Quiz on drawing and identifying nets tomorrow.


May 15
Ouellette - MATH (8D - 8E - 8G - 7/8H)

Complete the following word problem for tomorrow:

Un chien est attaché à un pieu dans une cour et peut marcher ou courir en rond autour du pieu.  La plus grande circonférence de son trajet autour du pieu est 72,22m.  Quelle est la longueur de sa corde?  Montre ton travail!!!
Tomorrow, students will be writing their summative test on outcome SS3 - Geometry.  Make sure to have your math sets (protractor, ruler, compas etc...)
Have a great day
May 15
7EFGH Math and 6H Math

Tessellation assignments were handed back in class today.  Value of 10 points.​

May 11
Ouellette - MATH (8D - 8E - 8G - 7/8H)

Students need to have the geometry workpacket (9 sheets) and the creating parallel lines from a point sheet completed for Tuesday.  The sheet on creating parallel lines will be collected and the work packet will be corrected together in class.  Afterwards, all math classes will start the summative test on geometry.

The next topic we will be covering will be from the Statistic & Probability strand... Construct, interpret and labelling graphs... (circular graphs etc...)

Have a great weekend and see you all on Tuesday


May 10
Ouellette - MATH (8D - 8E - 8G - 7/8H)

The only homework assigned for tonight is for those students who have missed math classes because of drama or have failed to hand in both worksheets on creating angles and "bissectrice/médiatrice".  I will be collecting these missing sheets tomorrow at the beginning of math class.  If they are not handed in and complete, students will beasked to come in at lunch and do them.  Thank you for your understanding and support on this matter.  Have a great day.


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