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January 18
Math 8A, 8C and 8F

Complete questions 5 and 6 on page 303​

January 18
Mme Plourde Math 8-B and Science 7/8 H, 8E, 8D,8G

Math 8B

SS3: Surface Area of rectangular, triangular and cylinder prism

SS4: Volume of right prisms and cylinders​.

Homework: p.204 # 4, #5 #6AB #7, 8,10A,11,14A if not completed in class.

Always a good idea to review notes in student's journal. 

Extra help is always available on Tuesdays or other days upon request. All students who are absent need to copy notes from another student. It is their responsibility to catch up on missed work. 

SCIENCE: 7/8 H, 8E, 8D, 8G​. 

CLASSWORK: Students wrote their summative assessment on cells and body systems today.   

PDCP: Last lesson- Dec.14 --Lesson on Can Money buy Happiness?

All students who are absent need to copy notes from another student. It is their responsibility to catch up on missed work. 

Have a great night! La Paix!

Mme Plourde​

January 18
6DEFGI Extra Help in Math

​Should any of my students be looking for a place to work (on Math or any other subject), my classroom is open for extra help/as a quiet space on the following days:


No appointment is necessary; drop ins are welcome! 

(Thursday is not an option simply because I have duty over the noon hour)

:)  NC

January 18
6I Homework

​Students have been asked to complete the following for homework:

Textbook, page 164
Questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 8

Thank you!

:)  NC

January 18
6DEFGI Math -- How to Help Support Your Child's Learning

​As we work our way through unit 5 (fractions), an EXCELLENT way to help reinfoce classroom learing is to MAKE COOKIES!  CAKES!  SQUARES! 

Point being ... baking (kitchen chemistry) is a fun and easy way to engage your children in conversation about FRACTIONS! 

Have fun, get messy & talk Math!

:)  NC

January 17
Life/La vie Title Pages 6DEFG

Science Title Pages for our new unit called "La vie dans tous ses etats," are due this Friday January 19th.​

January 17
Science 7A - Jan.17

​Finish the Wordsearch and the required definitions that you received on Tuesday for Friday's class.

Those of you who missed the test on Tuesday must complete it Thursday at 12:05 in Mr.Gautreau's room.

January 17
Math Materials Required

It has been explained to students that the following materials are expected to be in class every single day:

- Math binder (with a Hilroy notebook clipped inside and some looseleaf)
- Math textbook (every student has received one copy)
- Pencil and eraser (math is always to be done in pencil)
- ​Homework, completed to the best of the student's ability

Reminders have been given several times, there is a reminder posted on the whiteboard in the hallway (outside of my classroom door) ...

Students are encouraged and expected to be prepared and responsible.


:)  NC

January 17
6DEFG (Not 6I)

Homework has been assigned and is due for tomorrow:

Textbook page 164, #1,2, 3, 4, 7

I will be checking everyone's homework tomorrow and we will be correcting it in class together.


:)  NC​

January 17
Math 8A, 8C and 8F

Complete question # 10 on page 298 of textbook.​

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