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With home schooling, the parent or someone of the parent’s choosing assumes responsibility for the education of the child.  The teacher and school no longer assume responsibility for planning, instruction, and assessment.  Work should be tracked and show alignment to the curriculum for what we hope will be an eventual return to the public system in our district. 

Provincial Curriculum Development site:

In the event the student wishes to return to school, they will be placed in the age-appropriate classroom for the grade level or at a grade level that best meets their academic needs as determined by the school system and in cooperation with the family.  Assessments may help in determining this placement.  For high school level re-entry, you would need to connect with your zoned school’s guidance dept for appropriate equivalencies.​

 Students finishing grade 12 in homeschooling do not receive a NB high school diploma.

 Registration process for home schooling students:

  1. Parent/Guardian of Home schooling student complete the Annual Home Schooling Application form and return all 4 pages of the application to ASDW.  Forms can be mailed to 1135 Prospect Street Fredericton, NB E3B 3B9 or dropped off at any of the education centres.
  2. Districts will then send the registrations to the Policy and Planning Branch at EECD.
  3. Parents/Guardians will receive a formal letter of approval/denial for homeschooling.
  4. Parents/Guardians can begin homeschooling as soon as the district receives the application form.
  5. Home Schooling applications are to be submitted annually.

    ​ Please refer to application below:

    Annual Application Form 2021-22 (fillable).pdfAnnual Application Form 2021-22 (fillable).pdf