Student Registration/Pre-Registration

Your child must be pre-registered in order to attend an ASD-W school. 
Pre-registration is completed either online or through the Newcomer Support Centre.
Please read below to determine your child's eligibility for either pre-registering​ online or applying through the Newcomer Support Centre. 

​Pre-register Online
You ​must pre-register online if:
  • Your child has previously attended a Canadian school
  • Your child's home language is English
To complete the online pre-registration, click on the link below. You will be contact by an ASD-W school no sooner than mid-to-late August to confirm your registration.
If you have difficulty completing the application, please see the following how-to documentation:
Preregistration Process for Parents (EECD).pdfPreregistration process for parents

Pre-register through the Newcomer Support Centre
You ​must pre-register through the Newcomer Support Centre if:
  • Your child is born outside of Canada
  • Your child is born in Canada but their home language is not English or French
  • You and your child are Canadian citizens who are returning to New Brunswick from overseas
To complete the Newcomer pre-registration, contact the Newcomer Support Centre through the information provided below:

Phone: (506) 444-3573