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February 09
2 Ball Event Rescheduled for February 15th

​Because of the school closure on this past Wednesday, the 2Ball event that was supposed to take place has been rescheduled! Same time, same place, but next Wednesday, February 15th. That also means there's still time for new people to sign up! If you'd like to take part, please see Miss Erin for a permission form asap. 

November 15
STU Hockey Day! November 27th
stu logo.jpg

Mark your calendars!​ Sunday, November 27th is STU Hockey Day! Park Street students, staff and families are invited to attend the game, celebrate sport and cheer on the St. Thomas Tommies in their 2pm match against Mount Allison University. The game takes place at the Grant Harvey Centre and Park Street families get a great deal on tickets! Current Park Street staff and students will get complimentary tickets, while family members can attend for only $3.00....now that's a sweet deal! 

To help promote the game, STU athletes will visit and spend time with some PE classes this week. Also, keep your eyes open for them on the morning announcements! They might make a sneak appearance :)  See you at the game!

October 26
Intramurals Start October 31st!

intramurals banner.png
Intramural sports will begin on Monday, October 31st! Special thanks to the following kids who will be our leaders for this year. They are...Cole in 5 Landry, Kamryn in 5 Patterson, Trent in 5 Turbide, Nina in 5 Landry, Hannah in 4 Howlett, Riley in 4 Steeves and Devon in 4 Steeves! These kids will have this great opportunity to not only organize sports and games for their peers, but to also help develop their leadership skills! YIPPEEEE!!!

Here is the schedule for intramurals this year:

Mondays at 10:05          Boys 3-5 Intramurals

Wednesdays at 10:05    Grade 1-2 Intramurals

Fridays at 10:05             Girls 3-5 Intramurals

If you have any questions or comments about intramurals this year, please talk to one of the leaders listed above or send a message to Miss Erin, erin.mcauley@nbed.nb.ca. See you in the gym!

October 14
Cross-Country Race 3 Recap!

This post is a little late considering race 3 was last Wednesday, but better late than never! Early next week I'll post a recap and results from the District Championships, held this past Wednesday, as well as photos from the event.

Race 3 was held at MacAdam Avenue School and saw the most competitors so far this season! That makes it all the more impressive that our athletes did so well! Runners from our school might also have recognized some familiar faces from their past - rabbits and turtles were volunteers from Nashwaaksis Middle School's cross-country team AND former Park Street students! 

With so many kids racing each week it's important to note kids from our school that have shown steady improvements in their placement each week! Here's a list of kids by grade who did just that:

Grade 3: Wil, Alex S, Alex M, Camden, Brianna, Kenzie M (woot woot!!!) and Eden.

Grade 4: Thomas, Micah, Luke, Robyn, Madison, Hannah, Quinn, Sadie, Addie, Grace and Sophie I.

Grade 5: Nayan and Sophy S.

Incredibly, we have kids from our school who have placed in the top ten in all three north side races this season.  They are:

Grade 3: Allie, Anna, Tynan, Alex S, Camden, Spencer and Brett

Grade 4: Jacob C, Jackson, Devon, Jacob K, Riley, Allora and Addie T.

Grade 5: Sophie R, Sophy S

Amazing job Park Street! 

Remember to check the photo gallery for pictures from Race 3 and visit this page early next week for a recap and photos from the District Championships. 

September 28
Cross-Country Race 2 Recap!

3269_track_and_field_runner_shoes_with_wings_sticker_decal.jpg​We got another beautiful fall day for cross-country running this afternoon! The north side schools convened at Henry Park for race 2 of the season and, as usual, it was an exciting event! Photos of the races have been added to the photo library (look to your right under "links" and you can view them as a slideshow....actions.....view slideshow). 

We'd like to give a special shout out to the following kids who improved on their performance from last week by beating their finish placement! Great job! 

From grade three: Brianna, Josie, Ally, Anna, Eden, Molly, Rori, Laiken, Zahra, Wil, Alex M and Camden. From grade four:  Robyn, Hannah, Addie T, Jacquelin, Sophie, Katelyn, Luke, and Malachi. From grade five:  Sophie S and Nayan! Great job everyone! 

We also wanna say congrats to our top ten finishers! Congratulations to Tynan, Alex S, Camden, Spencer, Brett, Anna, Ally, Zahra, Jacob C, Devon, Jacob K, Luke, Malachi, Riley, Allora, Addie T, Jacquelin, Sophie R, Sophie S, and Carter. Amazing!!

Be sure to check in next week for photos and results from race 3 at MacAdam Avenue School. Go Pandas!

September 22
Cross-Country Race 1 Recap!

​The first race of the season was fantastic! Hundreds of athletes showed up to compete at Gibson-Neill Elementary School and the Pandas were among them! Check out the gallery of photos and videos to see some of the action......GO PARK STREET! (please excuse the crazy super-fan screaming in the background....)​

To find the gallery, you can click "photos" on the far right and then click on the folder marked "Cross Country Race 1 Photos". Once there, you can view the photos as a slideshow by clicking on "actions" and then view slideshow. 

This link will also get you there....


September 07
It's Cross-Country Season!

The first meeting for cross-country was held today in Mrs. Sinclair's classroom for all interested students. However, if you weren't at school or missed the meeting (or just changed your mind!) you can still be part of the team! Simply speak with Mrs. Sinclair, Mme Patterson or Miss Erin to sign up. Practices are held several recesses per week with races taking place each Wednesday afternoon starting September 21st at Gibson-Neill Elementary School. Check the school calendar for future dates and times!