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May 18
FREE Parent Workshop on Healthy Lunches!!

healthy-back-to-school-lunch-ideas.jpgOn the evening of May 30th from 6:00 to 7:30 Park Street will be hosting a free workshop for parents on healthy lunches! Registered dietitian, Becky Grice, will teach us how to plan for and pack simple lunches that are quick and nutritious! The focus will be on whole-food consumption (versus packaged or processed) as well as balanced meal creation. We'll also have healthy snacks on hand as well as some great door prizes for participants, including quality cooler lunch bags, reusable containers and books on nutrition and meal planning for kids! Did I mention it's FREE!??  Please RSVP to erin.mcauley@nbed.nb.ca There's no cap on numbers, but please let us know you're coming :)You can even feel free to invite friends from other schools! The more the merrier!


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