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December 21
WINNERS of our Christmas Basket Fundraiser

Congratulations to the following winners of the Christmas Basket Fundraiser:

Pamerped Pooch is Dax Laurence

Family Fun Night is Priya Mishra

Sweet Treats is Alex Bourque

Craft Corners is Liam Daugharty

Bath & Body Works is Kim Bourque

Kids Can Bake is Gracie McCloskey

​Go Go Gadget is Mekhi Paul Grosse

​It's a Boy Thing is Chelsea Kirby

It's a Girl Thing is Avery Hughes

Sports Mania is Susan Wade

​I Pad is Heather Gruchy

Kids Go Wild is Julie Rioux Maier

​Gifts Cards Galore is Noah Michaud

Fitbit is Sawyer Noble

​Taste of the Town is Christie Ward​

Thanks so much for all of your support.


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