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June 29
2018-19 School Supplies List

Please see that attached documents for the 2018-19 School Supplies List. Please note the change in list this year. All grade levels are attached.


2018-19 School Supplies List.pdf2018-19 School Supplies List.pdf

June 18
Lost & Found

We will be setting up the Lost & Found items in the cafeteria Friday morning until the end of the day.  ALL items left after Friday will be donated.  Please come in and find what is lost!  Lost Found.png


June 18
Early Dismissal Friday

Please note that Friday, June 22nd is an early dismissal day.  Students will be dismissed at 11:30am.

  early dismissal.png



June 12
Used Book Sale
Used Book Sale
The library has been weeded and we are having
a used book sale on:
Wednesday, June 13 and Thursday, June 14
in the Library -  ALL books are priced from
25 cents to $1.00

June 11
Nashwaaksis Middle School Tour
Nashwaaksis Middle School would like to invite anyone who would like a tour of the school to meet in the lobby of the school at 3:30 on Tuesday June 19th for a group tour.  The invitation  is extended to students who may have been absent, who are feeling nervous, who are moving and students enrolled in the late immersion program.  Please note that it will be a group tour.

June 11
We regret that the Park Street 2018 Summer Camp program will NOT be running this year. We appreciate those that signed their  child up for this program, but low registration numbers, among other contributing factors have forced a decision to cancel for this summer.
We are taking a look at how we can improve the Summer Camp Program and we hope to be able to offer this exceptional opportunity next year.
Thank you for your interest. Have a great summer.
Kathy Hayes
Tarah Gauvin
Rien Meesters

June 07
Leadership Day June 8 - Schedule

This Friday (June 8th) is Leadership Day and our Family Picnic!  We are looking forward to having our Park Street families in to see some of the wonderful things we have done this year. 

Our schedule for the day is the following:

8:30 - Whole School Assembly
Classes will be presenting during the following times in their classrooms:
9:30 - Kinder World
9:45 - Grade 1
10:30 - Grade 2 & 1/2 Gallagher/Kelly
10:45 - Grade 3
11:00 - Grade 4
11:15 - Grade 5
11:30 - Toy Drive
11:45 - Families can begin picking up their child/children for the picnic
If you have any questions about Leadership day or the family picnic, please contact the office or e-mail at tarah.gauvin@nbed.nb.ca or kelly.davidson@nbed.nb.ca

June 05
Garden Help!

We  are looking for a small dump trailer to help with our garden project this Thursday morning.  We do have a truck unless a parent/guardian or family member wants to help with both a truck and trailer!  We are need to get mulch from Devon Lumber in order to tidy up our footing in the Courtyard Garden that we are planting on Thursday.

If you can help, please contact the office at 453-5423, rien.meesters@nbed.nb.ca or tarah.gauvin@nbed.nb.ca

June 04
Yearbooks have arrived!

​Yearbooks have arrived at PSS!  They are beautiful!  They were handed out to homeroom teachers today, so students should be arriving home with them today or tomorrow.  There are a limited number of extra books available, so if you would like to purchase one, they are $20 and you can email Mme Aube to let her know you would like one at   bryanna.aube@nbed.nb.ca  FIrst-come-first-served basis.  Merci!


June 01
Website Calendar

​Please take a look at our up to date website calendar as we have many activities in the next few weeks! 

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