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April 04



 During the week of April 24th - 27th, our students will be participating in the Fredericton Music Festival.  All performances will take place at the Tom Morrison Theatre at Fredericton High School.  Admission is $2/adult.  Please make the necessary arrangements to arrive on time for your child's performance.  Audience members will not be allowed to enter or exit the auditorium during performances and adjudicaitons. Food and drinks are not permitted in the theatre.  Please pay attention to parking zones at the high school.  Parking is not permitted on the grass or in fire lanes.
Monday, April 24th:
9am - Grade 1
9:20am - Grade 2
9:35am - Grade 3 English
10:30am - Girls Choir
11:30am - 5 Caissie
Tuesday, April 25th
9am - 4 & 5 English classes
9:15am - Boys Choir
Wednesday, April 26th
9am - 4 & 5 French Immersion classes
9:20am - 3 French Immersion classes
10:45am - School Choir
Thursday, April 27th
9am - Kindergarten



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