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January 18
Bus Change this afternoon

For January 18th, K - 2 students who normally ride Bus 237 will take Bus 221.  Students should arrive home close to the normal time.

For Grades 3 - 5 student's who normally take Bus 237 will be coming home on Bus 225 this afternoon which means that student's who live in Eaglewood and Ann's Court will be home between 3:50 - 4:10 pm.  Thank you for your understanding.

December 11
Christmas Concert Parking

​Fredericton High School has informed us there will only be one designated area for parking for the concert.  It will be the main parking lot at the front part of the school which is student and visitor parking.  All other parking areas around the school are off limts.  Vehicles will be ticketed if they are in non designated areas.  We suggest parking at the old Sobey's and walking over.

December 07
Christmas Gift Card Wreath Raffle Update

Thank you all so much for your generous donations of gift cards for our Christmas Gift Card Wreath fundraiser! Thanks to your contributions, we are thrilled to have been able to make up not just one,  BUT 4 amazing prize packages!

Grand Prize #1 - $772 Value

Grand Prize #2 - $771 Value

Prize Package #3 - $150 Value

Prize Package #4 - $125 Value

A full listing of the gift cards included in each prize package is available under the documents section here on the school website, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Friendsofpriestmanstreetschool/

Keep those ticket sales coming and we encourage you and your child to ask family and friends & share it on social media! The lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday, December 19.

If you need more tickets you can get them from the office. Thank you for your support on this fundraiser! We are confident we can reach or surpass our goal of $5000 to support the Playground Improvement Project.


Friends of Priestman School Committee

December 04

Health Announcements K-5 2018


December – Mindfulness

·         Did you know that practicing mindfulness is easy?  When you wake up in the morning, go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air.  Smell the fresh air and feel the cool air on your cheeks. Imagine your mind floating in the clouds. Try catching snowflakes with your tongue.


·         You can practice mindfulness tonight by finding a quiet space at home and practicing “sitting like a frog.”  Watch your tummy rise and fall while you breathe. You can do it with your eyes open or closed, what ever feels more comfortable.


·         Did you know that taking slow deep breathes during the day helps you learn at school and makes your tummy feel relaxed?  Try deep breathing before school, homework, or at bedtime. Pretend you are slowly blowing bubbles!


·         Do you ever have trouble falling asleep at bedtime? Try taking deep breaths, in through your nose and out your mouth, while watching your belly rise and fall. This takes a lot of practice, so don’t give up and give it a few tries!


·         Doing yoga is a great way to practice mindfulness.  Try yoga before bedtime. Did you know that practicing yoga will help quiet your mind to help you get a better sleep?


November 28
CBC Music Class Challenge

music.pngA class in the school has been working with Ms Hayward and have entered the CBC Music Class Challenge.  Check them out at 


Look for - Rhythm Warriors: Priestman Street School.  Please feel free to share that link with the hashtag #CBCMusicClass​.

November 19
Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness


Mental fitness refers to our personal sense of psychological wellness (positive thoughts and feelings). We are more likely to improve our mental fitness when our needs for recognition (competence), choices (autonomy), and belonging (relatedness) are met. It means having a positive sense of how we feel, think and act which improves our ability to enjoy life. It also implies the ability to efficiently respond to life’s challenges, and to effectively restore and sustain a state of balance.


Mental Fitness Needs

Mental fitness is fostered in environments and relationships that satisfy three interrelated needs: competence, autonomy and relatedness.


Competence: “I have strengths and gifts that are recognized by myself and others.”

We need to recognize and use our personal strengths and gifts to meet goals and to help others. Fulfillment of this need provides us with a sense of accomplishment and worth.


Autonomy: “I am able to make choices about things that are important to me.” We need personal freedom to make choices or decisions that are important to us and have others support our choices. When this need is satisfied in conjunction with other need areas, freedom and choice are expressed in ways in which respect is demonstrated for self and others.


Relatedness: “I feel included, supported and encouraged by others.” We need to feel we belong, and are connected to important relationships that support and encourage us in spirit and action. This need is met through interaction with others, our membership in groups, and the support and encouragement we receive from others.


School Connectedness

A sense of school connectedness can support students in making healthy choices. Students who are attached to their school, and who consider their teachers to be supportive, are less likely to engage in unhealthy or high-risk behaviours.


New Brunswick Health Council, (2012-2013). Mental Fitness: New Brunswick Student Wellness Survey Grades 6 to 12.


Related Resources:




Fredericton Education Centre, Anglophone School District- West

Healthy Learners in Schools Program​

November 14
Grade 5 Clothing Order

A reminder to grade 5 parents that grade 5 graduating clothing orders are due on Friday.  Please see attachment for the order form.Grade 5 clothing order.docGrade 5 clothing order.doc

November 06
Elementary South Side Hockey Game

Elementary Night South Side.docxElementary Night South Side.docxPlease see attachment for details regarding the UNB Elementary South Side Game.​

October 22
Talking with Your Kids about Substance Use

Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadian teens claim that they used cannabis in the past year? Cannabis is now legal in Canada. With that, the protection of our kids is on many people’s minds. Experts say that children should be supported to make healthy and safe choices about substance use. This is best done by parents and guardians engaging in open and supportive conversations with their children. Parents are encouraged to start having these talks early – well before the child is placed in situations where they may begin to engage in substance use.

Basic tips for talking to your child about substance use:

·         Keep an open mind and don’t lecture

·         Find a comfortable setting where you both feel relaxed

·         Put yourself in your child’s shoes

·         Remain calm and relaxed

·         Stay positive and do not express shame or anger

·         Be clear about your goals

·         Be aware of your body language


For more information, visit: https://www.drugfreekidscanada.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/34-17-1850-Cannabis-Talk-Kit-EN-10.pdf


Woodstock Education Centre, Anglophone School District- West

Healthy Learners in Schools Program


October 03
NBCC Volunteers


On Wednesday October 3rd NBCC staff and students across New Bruswick volunteer in their communities for their #TransformNB campaign.  We had volunteers building epuipment, sweeping the playground, beautifying our grounds and helping in the library.  Thank you NBCC!

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