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March 23
Homework March 27th-31st
March 23
Plasticine Art

We were inspired by Barbara Reid's artwork in her books.  She uses plasticine to create all of her illustrations.  We watched some of her videos in order to learn how she created her artwork and then created our own.  They turned out lovely!​




March 22
Doodle Poll for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Here is the link for Doodle Poll.


March 21
Student-Led Conferences

​Please click on the link below to sign up for a student-led conference.


March 20
Student-Led Conferences

Please click on the link below to sign up for a Student-Led Conference time.  I look forward to seeing you!


March 20
Student-Led Conferences
March 18
Relating Adding and Subtracting Games (Fact Families)
March 18
Fact Family Learning Videos and Songs

fact family.pngWe have been learning about adding and subtracting and how they relate to each other, as well as strategies for finding a missing part.  Watch, sing and learn with these videos.

1 Fact Families.mp41 Fact Families.mp4

2 Learn Addition and Subtraction Fact Families Song.mp42 Learn Addition and Subtraction Fact Families Song.mp4

4 The Addends and the Sum Singalong.mp44 The Addends and the Sum Singalong.mp4

5 Missing addends.mp45 Missing addends.mp4

6 MysteryOfTheMissingAddends.mp46 MysteryOfTheMissingAddends.mp4

March 18
Homework Week of March 20-24


Here is the homework for the week.

HOMEWORK March 20-24.docHOMEWORK March 20-24.doc 

Addition Homework 2017.docxAddition Homework 2017.docx

March 17
A St. Patrick's Day Game for Practicing Place Value

A lucky place.png

We played this game today.  Some kids asked for it to be placed on our classroom page.  So...here it is.


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