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November 22
Doubles Videos and Games

spiderman.jfifOur next mental math strategy is Doubles ("Spiderman").  Here are some videos and games that we will watch to help us remember our "Doubles" facts.

 Doubles song 2.png

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (new 1-10 version).mp4DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (new 1-10 version).mp4

Doubles song 1.jpg

double number song (adding doubles 1-10).mp4double number song (adding doubles 1-10).mp4

"Double" games:

Doubles robinhood.png


doubles push the button.png

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button (* Select "Doubles" button)


November 22
Homework Nov. 27-Dec. 1
November 22


​We have been learning about what nouns are.  

Here are some fun songs and teaching videos!

▶ Noun Song - Have Fun Teaching.mp4▶ Noun Song - Have Fun Teaching.mp4

brainPOP jr Nouns.mp4brainPOP jr Nouns.mp4

English Grammar - Nouns for kids.mp4English Grammar - Nouns for kids.mp4

Schoolhouse Rock Nouns.mp4Schoolhouse Rock Nouns.mp4

November 20
Mystery Reader


We had another Mystery Reader today.  Thank you to Dani's dad who came to the school to read to us today!

November 20
Ordering and Comparing numbers

In math we are learning to order and compare numbers.  We are using the words "greater than" and "less than" when comparing.  As a bonus, we will watch this video that introduces the greater than symbol and the less than symbol.

 umigo ordering numbers.jfif

UMIGO - Greater Than Less Than (COMPARISON).mp4UMIGO - Greater Than Less Than (COMPARISON).mp4

Here are some games to practice ordering numbers:

ordering numbers forest.jfif



ordering caterpillar.jfif


ordering number sheppard softward.jfif


ordering coconuts.jfif


*Please pick "numbers" and "up to 100"



November 19
French Months and Days Songs
November 19
Homework Week of Nov. 20-24
November 18
Pictures from our week

Camera.pngThis week we celebrated the 50th Day of School and visited the 7th annual Career Fair.  Enjoy the pictures!

50th day 2017.pdf50th day 2017.pdf career fair 2017.pdfcareer fair 2017.pdf

November 17
Homework - Nov. 20th - 24th

Girl Reading_3.png
There are LOTS of messages this week.  Please be sure to read them carefully.  I look forward to seeing you during parent-teacher conferences!  Homework - Nov. 20 - 24, 2017.pdfHomework - Nov. 20 - 24, 2017.pdf

November 16

In math we are working on estimating or making a 'smart' guess as to how many there are.  To make a 'smart' estimate, we pull out a group of 10 and then picture other groups of 10.​  Here we are estimating how many buttons there are with a partner.


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