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September 15
We're back!!!

​Everyone is back into the school routine.  Our day begins with Math and ends with either Phys. Ed or Music.  In between we are learning French.  This intensive French block of time allows us to hear, understand and converse in French.   

March 26

​Today we began our new Math unit: Fractions and Decimals.


Try to answer these questions in fraction form:

  • What fraction of your family (at home) has blond hair?
  • What fraction of our class is left-handed? 
  • What fraction of the people in your team wear glasses?

 Good luck.  Submit your answers to my E-Mail.  Mrs. F.

March 09
St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is coming!   Do you celebrate it?

Did you know that St. Patrick was not even from Ireland? 

This week in Soc. St. we'll learn about the man who became so important to the people of Ireland. 

February 23
Book Fair Visit

​Our class will go to the book fair on Tuesday at 2:00.

If you bring money to school on Wednesday or Thursday morning you will get a chance to sneak back down to the book fair to buy something else (has to be books- not book marks or erasers).   

February 23
Olympic Reflections

​What was your favourite Olympic moment?

One day this week, write a comment in your Communication book sharing your favourite moment from the Sochi Olympics (don't forget to tell why this stands out for you).  

February 07
Olympic Results

​Canada's First Medal of these Winter Olympics is. . .

Share with your class all of the details about  Canada's  first medal at the Olympics in Sochi. 

Every morning before recess we'll take a few minutes to discuss the Olympic stories that are in the news.     

February 02
Student Challenge

What colours are the Olympic Rings? and what do the colours represent?

Write your answer in your Communication book (any night this week).  Students with correct answers will receive a point for their team on Friday. 


February 02
The Olympics Have Arrived!

​We begin our salute to the Winter Olympic Games!

Here's what we've got planned for Grade 4's and Grade 5's:

Monday- color our Olympic ring

            - skating from 1:00-2:00

Tuesday- put Olympic rings in the lobby

            - decorate an Olympic t-shirt

Thursday- AES outdoor Olympic events from 12:50- 2:20 


January 27
Student of the Month

​The December/January student of the Month assembly will be this Thursday (Jan. 30th).  The criteria for choosing a Grade 4GF student for this award is that the student is bearing up without complaint, they are calm, peaceful and unselfish.  Who do you think is a candidate for this award? 

January 27
New Math Unit Begins!

​We began our new Math unit last Wednesday.  Multiplication and Division of Larger Numbers will introduce the students to the meaning and strategies used for 2 and 3-digit by 1-digit multiplication and division.  The biggest edge a student can have in this unit is to KNOW their basic facts. 

Mrs. Tracy Fitzherbert, who is one of the District's Math Coaches will be in our room team-teaching with me.  We're excited to have her support!

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