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March 01
Meduxnekeag Showcase

In the following document you will find materials to assist you in preparation for the 2017 Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase. These materials have been developed as a result of discussions with teachers and administrators. The documents are as follows:

-Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcasetimeline

-Preparing for the school Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase

-Curriculum guidance document for the 2017Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase

-Showcase marking rubric

-Judges checklist

-Letter to parents/guardians explaining the showcase and project expectations

-Schedule for the Grand Finale Showcase

This showcase has grown in scope and outreach since the beginning, thanks in large part to your continued involvement and support. This year we have developed more material than ever before to further enhance this important learning opportunity for the students (parents and teachers too!).

2017 Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase teacher package PDF.pdf2017 Meduxnekeag Environmental Showcase teacher package PDF.pdf


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