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February 25
Course Selection Guide out now!

​To the right, you will see the course selection request guides for 2020-2021.  Please make a note that the course selection request process has started, and students will receive a copy of this booklet during the February 24-28th school week.  This booklet outlines potential courses to be offered next year, graduation requirements, post-secondary pathways, and more.  Students are encouraged to review the booklet and discuss course requests with their parents/guardians. The booklet for students entering grades 11 and 12 is the same, and there is a separate booklet for the grade 10 students, as their graduation requirements are new.

Students will be bringing home a pink course request form to complete and get signed by a parent or guardian.  This pink form is due to their English teacher on Wednesday, March 11th.  Students who are applying for courses with application forms and teacher reference forms are due to the guidance office by Friday, March 20th.

If students have questions, they can ask their English teacher, a guidance counsellor or the vice principal.


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