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February 24
TADD (Teens Against Drunk Driving)

​This group will meet once every two weeks on Wednesday at noon hour in C-218.  See Mrs. Sprague for details.  Free.

February 24
Safe Grad

​​The Safe Grad began as a way to keep students safe from alcohol and drug related accidents and injuries while celebrating graduation and it continues with that purpose.  Safe Grad is a free event to graduates but fundraising is a significant aspect of preparing for Safe Grad.  The event takes place immediately following Prom here at the school.  There are activities that go on all night long.  Staff Advisor:  Leeanne Lanto

February 24

​Sometimes there is a Christmas production, definetly a spring show to take to drama festival in Fredericton in May.  Listen for announcements.  All are welcome.  Staff Advisors:  Mr. Smith, Mr. Tracey and Mrs. Kelley.

February 19
Book Club

​Facilitated by our librarian, Mrs. Ebbett, and with the support of the Andrew and Laura McCain Library, this book club meets regularly some noon hours to discuss great books.

February 19
STAT (Students Taking Action Today)

​The group organizes fundraisers throughout the schoolyear.  Proceeds are used to support human rights efforts in third world countries, as well as local charities, such as Sanctuary House.  STAT strives to educate CNHS students and our surrounding communities about global issues, with a focus on human rights.  Staff Advisor is Mrs. Foster.

February 18
Video Club

​There is the potential for a video club here at CNHS; it depends on interest.  If you are interested, see Mr. Davis in B201 at noon hours and discuss your interest in the group and what you want to get out of it.

February 18
Inter-Scholastic Christian Fellowship (ISCF)

​Mr. Davis (B201) supervises ISCF (Inter Scholastic Christian Fellowship).  Every Tuesday at noon in B201.  Bring your lunch.  All are welcome; it's simply a time for fellowship (aka hanging out).

February 18
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club

​GSA is a club that includes LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning) youth and their heterosexual (straight) allies.  Our mission is to eliminate homophobia at our school and make CNHS a truly inclusive learning environment.  We support one another, organize special events, and design displays for our bulletin board outside B-216.  We are affiliated with Pride in Education, a New Brunswick coalition of high school GSAs.  We attend a provincial conference in Fredericton in October.  Anyone is welcome.  Weekly meetings Wednesdays at 12:00-12:44 in B-217.  Bring your lunch.  Staff Advisors are Ms. Hawketts (B-217) and Mrs. McBrine (C-201).

February 18
CNHS Math Competition Club (MC2)

​Season/Month of Commitment:  September-May

Staff Advisor Mrs. Hunter (volunteering while on leave)

Usual meeting place and time:  Thursdays @ noon in Mrs. Hunter's Classroom C-213

Grade 9s participate in the UNB Math Competition in May.  Grade 9-12 participate in University of Waterloo's Math Competition (February and April).  Meeting once per week at noon.

February 18
Music Programs

​Choir - Please feel free to come join us and give it a try, no previous experience required.  New members are very welcome and we look forward to seeing you there. 


The Concert Band - It would be great to have you join us in the band and you don't even have to have your own instrument.  If interested please contact the music teacher.


The Stage Band - If you are interested in joing this band, please see the music teacher.


If you don't feel that you can be a part of the choir or band program, why not become a "CNHS Music Supporter"!  There are many concerts and fundraisers throughtout the year that we would love to have you attend.  Just tune into the daily announcements for the details.

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