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January 25
January 2017 Revised Examination Schedule
Wow! Two storm days during exams- not great! The weather has certainly not cooperated with us.
Below is an excerpt from the leaving letter you received last week:
If there is a storm day during exam week, the exam that was to be written will be completed on the day students return to school.  There will not be two exams on that same day unless there are two storm days; in this case, two exams would be written on Monday, January 30th.
This explains our protocol.
Tomorrow, Thursday, January 26, the exam that was to be written on Tuesday will be written.
Friday, January 27, the exam that was to be completed today will be given.
Monday morning, January 30, Thursday’s exam will be written.
Monday afternoon, January 30, Friday’s exam will be written.
On Monday afternoon, the buses will run as scheduled following dismissal. If your child requires extra time to complete the afternoon exam, that is no problem, but individual transportation would need to be arranged.
On Monday, following their exam, students will be in study hall from 10:15 until 11:20. They will have lunch from 11:20 until 12:20. They will go to homeroom for attendance at 12:20. Exams will be scheduled to begin at 12:30.


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