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November 20
6FI Math

​-P.83: #12 and #13

November 19
6/7E Language Arts Homework - Nov. 19

​Students in this class have been working on completing a timeline for the novel Shiloh. They were instructed this afternoon to take it home to finish to be handed in Wednesday, Nov. 21 at the beginning of class.

November 18
Instruments of the Symphony Orchestra Instructions
November 15
Biology 112 test - November 22, 2018

Test outline – Nov 22

  •  Origin of Invertebrates

  •  Beginnings of invertebrate diversity

  •  Evolutionary Trends

  •  Specialized cells, tissues and organs (body symmetry, cephalization, segmentation, coelom formation, embryological development)

  •  Invertebrate form and function

  •  Chordates

  •  Chordate Evolution

November 15
English 10E/10FI

Romeo & Juliet: Students have completed or will soon complete the Act 1 in-class assignment and will be starting a creative carnival mask activty before moving on to Act 2.

Students will have an opportunity to re-write Part 2 of the short story test next week. Date TBD.

November 15
English 9FI

A Midsummer Night's Dream: The final test is scheduled for Tuesday, November 20th. Students were given the review sheet on Tuesday, and we will debrief tomorrow. (In the event of a school closure on Friday, the review will be Monday and the test will be Wednesday.)

November 15

​- Book project due on Tuesday, December 4.

November 15

​- Book project due on Friday, December 7.

November 15

​- Book project due on Thursday, December 6.

November 13
7FI Math

​Module 2 Test on Thursday, Nov. 15th

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