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April 17
6FI Math

-P.233: #1 a), b) et c).


-P.241: #6​

April 16
6FI Math

-Page 229:  #1 a), b), c) and d).


​- Review pages​ 227 and 228.

April 13
English 112

The class started the Hamlet unit and will focus on Act 1 next week.

Students are invited to check out the No Fear Shakespeare page (Shakespeare's text with a modern translation) to assist with their understanding of the play: http://nfs.sparknotes.com/hamlet/

April 13
English 10AB

Simile & Metaphor Poem due Wednesday, April 18th.


April 13
English 9A

​The first genre of the multi-genre unit is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, April 17th.

April 13
Visual Arts 10E

​1) The first sketchbook drawing is due this ​Tuesday, April 17th. Each Tuesday, another drawing will be due.

2) Students started the watercolour unit and completed a colour wheel on Thursday. Next week, they'll complete a shade/tint/neutral/semi-neutral grid and a technique sheet.

April 11
8FI Maths

We are wrapping up unit 5 on percentages, ratios and rates.  Our Unit 5 word problems are due April 17th and the unit test will be Wed. 18th. 

​299 #14-20​

April 11
7FI Maths
We are well underway in Module 6 where we are working on the following outcomes:
PR3: Demonstrate an understanding of preservation of equality by:
Ø  modeling preservation of equality, concretely, pictorially and symbolically
Ø  applying preservation of equality to solve equations.
PR4: Explain the difference between an expression and an equation.

We are well underway in Module 6 - Equations.  This module meets outcomes 7RR3, 7RR4, 7RR6 and 7 RR7.  ​

PR6: Model and solve problems that can be represented by one-step linear equations of the form x + a = b, concretely, pictorially and symbolically, where a and b are integers.
PR7: Model and solve problems that can be represented by linear equations of the form:
ax + b = c
ax = b
   a= b, a ≠ 0
   concretely, pictorially and symbolically, where a, b and c are whole numbers.

Homework p. 234-235 #3-8

P. 236 #4


April 06
9 Science test - April 11, 2018
Test outline – Wednesday, April 11, 2018
·         Cell: the basic unit of life
·         Animal cell diagram
·         Plant cell diagram
·         The importance of cell division
·         Cell division
·         Mitosis
·         Producing plants without seeds
·         DNA: the genetic material
·         DNA, mutations and cancer
·         Meiosis
·         What are the parts of the flower? (label diagram of flower)
·         What is pollination?
·         How are seeds formed?
·         What is a fruit?
·         What are the parts of the seed?

April 05
6FI Math

​- We are presently working on Unit 6:  Geometry and Measurement.

The learning goals for this unit are:

* construct and compare triangles

* describe and compare regular and irregular polygons

* develop formulas for the perimeters of polygons, the area of a rectangle, and the volume of a rectangular prism.

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