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June 01
English 10AB

1) Animal Farm: If you were absent today, you can view the last hour of the film on the Internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGzRf0Ow1qU

2) Animal Farm: Test on Wednesday, June 6.

May 29
Physics 112 test - June 5, 2018
Test outline – June 5, 2018
·         Waves
·         Superposition
·         2 dimensional waves
·         Diffraction, reflection, refraction
·         Sound
·         Speed of sound
·         Light
·         Snell’s Law

May 25
Physics 122 test - June 1, 2018
Test outline – June 1, 2018
·         electric potential difference
·         current vs. electron flow
·         current
·         elementary charge
·         electric circuits – series, parallel, complex
·         factors affecting the resistance of a conductor
·         Ohm’s Law
·         Energy consumption

May 25
6FI Math

- We are working on Unit 7: Data Analysis and Probability and Unit 8: Transformations.

- The learning goals for Data Analysis and Probability are:

* choose and justify an appropriate method to collect data

*construct and interpret line graphs to draw conclusions

*graph collected data to solve problems

*find theoretical and experiemental probabilities

*compare theoretical and experiemental probabilities.


- The learning goals for Transformations are:

*draw shapes in the first quadrant of a Cartesian plane

*draw and describe images on a plane after single transformations

*draw and describe images after combinations of transformations without technology

*create a design by transforming one or more shapes

*identify and describe transformations used to produce an image or a design.

May 24
113 History - World War II Webquest
May 23
10E English

1) Read to the end of chapter 7 in Animal Farm for Thursday, May 24th.

2) Propaganda Poster due Monday, May 28th.​

3) Propaganda Quiz Monday, May 28th.

May 23
9A English

MSND Ad assignment (Sell! Sell! Sell!) due Friday, May 25th​

May 23
112 English

​Hamlet Act 4 & 5 Test this Friday, May 25th.

May 23
10E Visual Arts

Link to the ink and watercolour wash demonstration:


May 22

- Book project due on Friday, June 15.  Projet de livre inclure.pdfProjet de livre inclure.pdf

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