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January 19
8E Social Studies Quiz Jan. 23

​Students in Mr. Hoyt's 8E Social Studies class will be writing a quiz on Newfoundland/Labrador on Tuesday, Jan. 23.  A pre-test will be given out before the end of this week.

January 17
Law 120 - Mystery Games
January 17
BUS 75- Trent MacLean is one hour late

Trent MacLean's morning run is one hour late.​

January 16
7FI Maths

We have been working hard on exploring formulas to find the area of various objects.  Yesterday and today we are looking at the connection between circles and parallelograms and came up with the formula ​A = π r².


P. 151 #2-5

Word Problems 55-75 due Friday january 19th


January 16
6 FI Math

-P.195: #12 and #13.​

January 16
8FI Math

Today we explored calculating the volume of rectangular prisms using the formula LxWxH or Axh where A = area. 

We copied WP #15-16

Homework:  P. 198 # 4-9​

January 15
6 FI Math

- P.195, #11.​

January 15
Late Bus January 15th

Bus 74- Donna Newton- is running 30 minutes late.​

January 12
9E English

​Students are preparing for the English Language Proficiency Exam by completing a series of readings similar to those on the exam.

January 12
10A/10B English

TEST on Romeo & Juliet Acts 3 - 5 on Tue., Jan. 16th.

English 10--Romeo and Juliet Review for TEST Acts 3-5.docxEnglish 10--Romeo and Juliet Review for TEST Acts 3-5.docx
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