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April 06
Instrument Families

Students at KVMS have been learning lots about the Instrument Families through exposure to real instruments from our closet. They have been learning to classify the instruments into 4 families: woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings. Check out this link for activities related to in instruments of the orchestra. This site was put together by the San Fransisco Orchestra:

Click here​ to visit the site!

April 06
New Leaders for March

​In the Zaatmosphere we learned about an amazing group of students from Staten Island, NY. PS 22 Chorus has leaped to stardom thanks to the talent and leadership of their amazing Music Teacher, Mr Gregg Breinberg (AKA Mr. B). gregg_breinberg_headshot.JPG

Mr. B uses a unique blend of harmonies with his students coupled with creative arrangements using piano, guitar, drums and percussion. The chorus have attracted a lot of attention through their Youtube channel and many artists have visited the school to record their own songs with them. 
ps22 chorus.jpg
Check out their Youtube channel here​.

February 15
New Leaders for January 2018

New Leaders for January 2018

​In January students at KV learned about two really inspiring musicians who are both champions for indigenous culture. Buffy Sainte-Marie, who was born in Saskatchewan's Qu'Appelle River Valley on Feb 20, 1941, has championed First Nations culture through her music and through social activism. She is a fantastic song-writer and has garnered many awards for her work. 

Xavier Rudd was born in Torquay, Victoria, Australia. He is part aboriginal and much of his music is dedicated to aboriginal rights, nature and protecting the earth. He plays many instruments including the didgeridoo​, many types of guitars and percussion. 

October 12
New Leaders for September 2017

​Our new leaders for September were Icons of Jazz and Blues. We decided to focus on these genres because of their importance in music culture and history. There's a song entitled "The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock and Roll". This is referring to how Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Rap, Metal, Country all owe thanks to the Blues. If it wasn't for the Blues, we wouldn't have all these other genres. 

This month we learned about Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Christine Campbell as well as the Gary Sappier Blues Band. Check out the "Leaders of Music Videos" here​ for features on these great musicians.

October 12
Welcome to the KVMS Music Page

​Greetings Families,

It is a pleasure to introduce our music page for the 2017-18 school year. Here you will find information on our ​Leaders of Music as well as other happenings in the music program this year. Keep posted on all our developments throughout the year. 

October 24
K-1 Thompson Class Website

Check out our class website! 


October 07
New Leader of Music for October

​Xavier Rudd

An advocate of aboriginal rights and environmental awareness Xavier Rudd has become an international folk sensation. He thrills audiences around the world with talents on many instruments including guitars (lap slide, accoustic, electric), didgeridoos, percussion and harmonica. His lyrics touch on many social themes such as spirituality, care for the earth, land rights and empowerment to the aboriginal peoples of Australia. His music is rich in texture, melody and rhythm. 

Xavier Rudd was born in Torquay, Victoria, Australia on May 29th, 1978 (38 years old). He enjoys the outdoors, surfing, and living a traditional aboriginal lifestyle. 


September 30
Leaders in Music Videos

​Hi Everyone,

We've set up a page for you to visit to watch and listen to videos that have been shared in class. These are great conversation starters. Listen to the music at home, do the actions, share what you learned about these musicians at home. To find the page go to "Extracurricular" and drop down to "Leaders in Music Videos", or just click here​


September 30
Welcome to the KVMS Music Page

Welcome to KVMS Music!!!

I am thrilled to be back teaching Music at KVMS! We are planning an exciting year for the music program. This page will be used for updates and information regarding the various facets of the music program such as KVMS Choir, program information, concert information and other special events. 
We will be continuing to study inspiring musicians through our 'Leaders of Music' series. Every month will feature new artists who perform in different genres. In September we will focus on Jazz and Blues artists as this month is Harvest Jazz and Blues month. To represent these amazing styles I chose four great artists:Bessie SmithDuke EllingtonMatt Andersen and Norah Jones. Stay tuned to this site for updates, information and videos. 
I wish you all a great school year and encourage you to get involved with the music program. If you have questions or concerns please contact me at 363-4717 or by e-mail at jeff.zaat@nbed.nb.ca

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