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March 28

​​Science 7/8 - Cells Test on Friday, March 31st

Math 7/8 - Fractions Unit Test  - Tuesday, April 4th 

Science 9 - Chemistry Unit Test - Thursday, March 30th 

Math 10 - Chapter 2 Test - Thursday, March 30th 

Extra help is available most days for all my students from 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Monday - Thursday)​

March 28
Grade 7/8 Homework

Complete the reading comprehension questions for the story, "Fire Storms." Due on Friday, April 1, 2017​

March 27
PIF 10 - Mini Project

​After today's class I have decided to give one more class to finish up. This will give everyone time to finish up and practice pronunciation for the oral presentations. These will now take place in class on ​Wednesday, March 29th.

March 24
Yoga 11 - Update (with course outline)

This semester students have been learning Sun and Moon Salutations. This week they have started a Namaskara Project (see attached) in groups of 2-3​. Namaskara Project.docNamaskara Project.docYoga Course Outline.docYoga Course Outline.doc

March 24
PIF 10 - Update (with Course Outline)

This semester we are currently doing the Le Grand Écran-Le Cinéma unit. At present, students are working in groups of two (or alone) on a Mini-Project on Special Effects in a movie they have seen (see project description attached) This will be presented in class Tuesday, March 28thMini Projet - Effets Spéciaux.docxMini Projet - Effets Spéciaux.docx PIF 10 course outline.docxPIF 10 course outline.docx

March 24
English 9 homework

​Students in English 9 are reminded that the weekly homework (weekly article with literacy component) is due at the beginning of class every ​Friday.  

March 24
Media Studies 120

Media Studies students are reminded to bring in props and other materials needed for filming.​

March 24
Homework - March 24, 2017

Math 10 - All assignments and textbook questions to the end of 2.3 should be completed by Monday, March 27th ​

Science 9 - Chemistry Unit Project - Due - Tuesday, March 28th

                     -  Chemistry Unit Test - Wednesday, March 29th  

Math 7/8  - Study Multiplication Tables
                      - Review for Fractions Unit Test next week
Science 7/8  -  Onion Cell Lab and questions - due Monday, March 27th                
March 01
Progress Reports Sent Home

The first progress reports for grade 10 social studies and grade 9 health and phys ed were sent home on Monday with the students. Parents/Guardians please have a look and then sign and return these by the end of the week. If you have an yquestions please feel free to contact me at the high school either by phone or email.

February 22
Pink Shirt Day!


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