Coles Island School

​Sustainability Study

The District Education Council, on October 23, 2014, voted in favour of undertaking a sustainability study of Coles Island School, under the process outlined in the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Provincial 
Policy 409:  Multi-year School Infrastructure Planning.

On March 19, 2015, the District Education Council for Anglophone West School District voted in favour to close Coles Island School and move students to either Cambridge-Narrows Community School or Chipman Elementary School, based on where the student lives.

The minister of Education and Early Childhood Development approved the recommendation on May 13, 2015.  

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 Coles Island School Sustainability Documents

A - Policy 409.pdf
Aa - Policy 409 - Appendix A.pdf
Ab - Policy 409 - Appendix B.pdf
Ac - Policy 409 - Appendix C.pdf
B - School Sustainability Study - Coles Timeline.pdf
C - Fact Sheet - Coles Island School.pdf
D - Coles Island Annual School Report 13-14.pdf
E - Sustainability Study Finance Comparison - Coles.pdf
F - Coles Report - Bus Trip and Class Composition.pdf
G - CIS Transportation.pdf
H - District Bus Report - Various Schools - 3.pdf
Ia - Coles Island Assessment Perception Data 2013-14.pdf
Ib - Chipman Elementary AssessmentPerception Data 2013-14.pdf
Ic - CFAS AssessmentPerception Data 2013-14.pdf
Id - Cambridge Narrows AssessmentPerception Data 2013-14.pdf
J - Capital Improvement Projects - CIS, CES, CFAS, CNCS.pdf
K - Community Poster.pdf
L - Newspaper Advertisement.pdf
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