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Nackawic High School
Grade 9 Supplies List 
This is a general list; other supplies may be required throughout the year such as Bristol board.
·       Binder(s) – 5 subjects (1 large with 5 dividers or 5 separate, etc.)\
·       Loose-leaf (continuous supply)
·       Scientific calculator
·       Geometry set
·       Graph paper (pad of 8 ½” x 11” sheets)
·       Ruler (solid) – no flexible rulers
·       Box of pencils, erasers (continuous supply)
·       Box of pens - black or blue(continuous supply)
·       Pencil case (school policy – no drug/alcohol labels or   inappropriate sayings)
·       Extra pack of dividers
·       Scissors, pencil crayons, coloured markers, glue stick
·       20 page protectors (for portfolios)
·       Newsprint scrapbook (Gr. 9 Social Studies)
·       Small coil notebook - for journal - Social Studies
·       French/English dictionary
·       English dictionary and thesaurus
·       Sneakers, t shirt, shorts or gym pants for Phys. Ed.
·       *Immersion only – Bescherelle Verb Book

            A few duo tangs and folders for project work is recommended.


            Student Fee – due before Oct. 18th } $30 or $60/family.


Please note: Students cannot participate in any extracurricular activity until they have paid their student fee in full.


            When purchasing clothing and supplies please keep our school dress code in mind

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